Louisiana Purchase Exposition Official Photographer Photos

Accession Number: SC 18:57
Location: RB-F Photo
Dates: 1904-1906
Size: 1 regular Hollinger; 0.3 cubic feet
Creator/Collector: Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company
Acquisition info: Presented to SLPL by William J. Kennedy Stationery Co.
Accruals: No accruals expected 
Custodial history: Originally given to John D. Davis, Director of LPE Company
Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller, September 2018
Conservation notes: Photos placed in mylar sleeves and acid-free envelopes; photographs have been removed from book binding
Scope and Content: The collection contains photographs taken by the official photographers of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis. The photographs were made into a commemorative book in 1906.
Arrangement: Kept in original folder order; presumably original page order
Restrictions: No restrictions   
Remarks: No remarks 

Louisiana Purchase Exposition Official Photographer Photos
1 regular Hollinger; 0.3 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
 1/1  Finding aid
1/2 Statue of St. Louis
1/3 Opening Day

-Opening Day, President Francis Delivering His Address
-Opening Day, Secretary Taft Delivering His Address

1/4 Festival Hall and Central Cascade

-Festival Hall and Central Cascade

-Festival Hall, Fountain of Central Cascade in Operation

1/5 Festival Hall and Central Cascade from Jefferson Statue

-Festival Hall and Central Cascade from Jefferson Statue

-View Southward from Louisiana Way

1/6 Colonnade of States

-East Wing of the Colonnade of States

-West Wing of the Colonnade of States

1/7 Grand Basin, Plaza of St. Louis, and Palace of Electricity

-Grand Basin and Plaza of St. Louis

-Palace of Electricity Illuminated

1/8 Horse Show and Boer War

-Boer War, One of the Battle Scenes

-Review of Prize Winners in the Horse Show

1/9 St. Louis Day and Igorrotes

-Igorrotes in Their Rice Fields, Philippine Exhibit

 -St. Louis Day on Louisiana Way

1/10 Esquimaux and Russians

-Esquimaux Dog Train, on the Pike
-Russian Singers and Dancers, on the Pike

1/11 Creation and Arapahoes

-Creation, on the Pike
-Village of the Arapahoes, Exhibit of Anthropology 

1/12 Moros

-Colony of Samal Moros, from the Philippines

-Family of Moros, Their Home over Arrowhead Lake

1/13 Birdseye View and Dancing Girls

-Birdseye View Eastward from German House

-Dancing Girls of Mysterious Asia, on the Pike

1/14 Moros and Napoleon Bridge

-Group of Samal Moros, a Philippine Exhibit

-Napoleon Bridge, Entrance to Palace of Education

1/15 Floral Clock and Oriental Beauty

-Floral Clock at North Front of Palace of Agriculture

-Oriental Beauty of Mysterious Asia, on the Pike

1/16 Cairo Family and Plaza of Orleans

-Family of Cairo, on the Pike

-Plaza of Orleans, View Northward

1/17 Cliff Dwellers and Floral Parade

-Cliff Dwellers Celebrating Corn Festival
-Floral Parade of All Nations

1/18 Flower Girl and The Prairie

-Flower Girl of the Tyrolean Alps
-The Prairie, Allegorical Group in Machinery Gardens

1/19 Ainus and East Cascade

-Ainus, the Aborigines of Japan
-East Cascade, East Pavilion and German House

1/20 Jerusalem Street and The Pike

-Street in Jerusalem, Guides and Donkeys
-The Pike on Pike Day, Forming the Procession

1/21 Administration Building and Japan

-Administration Building, Villa of Italy
-Garden and Lake of Fair Japan, on the Pike

1/22 East Lagoon and Patagonians

-East Lagoon and Landscape Effects
-Patagonian Giants, an Exhibit of Anthropology 

1/23 Esquimaux and Spirit of the Atlantic

-Esquimaux Village, on the Pike
-Spirit of the Atlantic, Fountain of West Cascade

1/24 Plateau of States and Grand Basin

-Colonial and Commonwealth Avenues, Plateau of States
-Grand Basin, Central Cascade and Fountain

1/25 Chinese Theatre and West Cascade

-Actors in Chinese Theatre, on the Pike
-West Cascade, View of the Falls

1/26 Indian Congress and Palace of Education

-Extinguishing a Blaze in the Indian Congress
-Façade Palace of Education, Promenade along Grand Basin

1/27 Government Building and Spirit of the Pacific

-Fourth of July at the Government Building
-Spirit of the Pacific, Fountain of East Cascade

1/28 Japan and Pygmies

-Gateway to Fair Japan, on the Pike
-Pygmies from Central Africa, Their Architecture

1/29 Corn Pagoda and Palace of Varied Industries

-Corn Pagoda of Missouri, in Palace of Agriculture
-Entrance to Section of Japan in Palace of Varied Industries

1/30 Negritos and Remington’s Cowboys

-Negritos Village, the Wedding Ceremony
-Remington’s Cowboys, Entrance to the Pike

1/31 Liberty Bell and Pueblo Indians

-Liberty Bell Day, Procession Passing Sunken Gardens
-Pueblo Indians, an Exhibit of Anthropology

1/32 Chippewas and the Missouri Building

-Chief Yellow Hair and Council of Chippewas
-Missouri Building

1/33 Cliff Dwellers and Mayor Rolla Wells

-Ceremonial Scene of Cliff Dwellers’ Village
-Mayor Rolla Wells, Treasurer William H. Thompson

1/34 Negritos and Cairo

-Negritos Warriors in Archery Practice
-Street Procession in Cairo, on the Pike

1/35 Illumination and Manufacturer’s Day

-Illumination, from Wireless Telegraph Tower
-Manufacturers’ Day on Plaza of St. Louis

1/36 Airship and Energy

-Airship of Hippolyte Francois
-Energy, Statuary Decorating Palace of Manufactures 

1/37 Igorrotes and West Lagoon

-Igorrotes Preparing the Noon Meal
-West Lagoon between Palaces of Machinery and Electricity

1/38 Chinese Village and South Lagoon

-Chinese Village, on the Pike
-South Lagoon from Grand Basin Westward

1/39 Birdseye View and Palace of Horticulture

-Birdseye View from Administration Building
-Citrus Fruit Section of Palace of Horticulture

1/40 Westward View and Water Parade

-View Westward from West Pavilion
-Water Parade on Transportation Day

1/41 Hereafter and Japanese Pavilions

-Hereafter, on the Pike
-Japanese Pavilions and Garden

1/42 Palace of Agriculture and Tyrolean Alps

-North Façade of Palace of Agriculture, Ceylon and Canada
-Tyrolean Alps and Tyrolean Singers

1/43 Palace of Liberal Arts and Hagenbeck’s Animals

-Grand Entrance to Palace of Liberal Arts
-Habitat of Hagenbeck’s Animals, on the Pike

1/44 Birdseye View and Siwash Indians

-Birdseye View from Observation Wheel
-Siwash Indians, an Exhibit of Anthropology

1/45 Palace of Mines and Metallurgy and Horse Show

-Entrance to Palace of Mines and Metallurgy
-Opening Day of Horse Show, Parade on the Pike

1/46 Boer War and South Lagoon

-DeWet’s Escape, Scene of Boer War Spectacle
-South Lagoon, from Grand Basin Entrance

1/47 Plaza of St. Louis and South Lagoon

-Plaza of St. Louis on St. Louis Day
-South Lagoon, from Grand Basin Westward

1/48 Palace of Liberal Arts and Sunken Garden

-Section of the Palace of Liberal Arts
-Sunken Garden, Palaces of Liberal Arts and Mines and Metallurgy

1/49 Birdseye View and Elephants

-Birdseye View from Palace of Education
-Elephants Shooting the Chutes, on the Pike

1/50 Chinese Community and Destiny

-Chinese Community, on the Pike
-Destiny of the Red Man

1/51 Stick Dancers and Palace of Electricity

-Stick Dancers of Mysterious Asia, on the Pike
-Terrace and Promenade along Façade of Palace of Electricity

1/52 Bienville Bridge and Cowboy at Rest

-Bienville Bridge, Entrance to Palace of Machinery
-Cowboy at Rest, Head of the Grand Basin

1/53 Sacajawea and Street Scene

-Sacajawea, the Bird Woman, Guide of Lewis and Clark
-Street Scene in Mysterious Asia, on the Pike

1/54 Talent and Youth

-Talent of Mysterious Asia, on the Pike
-Youthful Contingent of Chinese Village

1/55 Last Night and Sioux Indians

-Last Night of the Exposition
-Sioux Indians of Wild West, on the Pike

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