Louisiana Purchase Exposition Collection

Accession Number: SC 18:67
Location: RB-F
Dates: 1901-1906
Size: 9 legal Hollingers, 1 oversize Hollinger; 3.35 cubic feet
Creator/Collector: Various
Acquisition info: Unknown
Accruals: Occasional accruals expected
Custodial history: Unknown
Language: Mostly English; other languages include French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish
Processed by: Melissa Miller, October 2018
Conservation notes: Items placed in acid-free folders
Scope and Content: The collection contains materials relating to the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis. Items include publications, tickets, programs, invitations, and fliers. All items are dated ca. 1904.
Arrangement: Alphabetical by subject
Restrictions: No restrictions
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Louisiana Purchase Exposition Collection
9 legal Hollingers, 1 oversize Hollinger; 3.35 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding aid
1/2 Accommodations

-Accommodations for World’s Fair Visitors in Private Dwellings”; Published by Free Information Service, LPE
-“Important Information for Visitors”; Issued by Press and Publicity Department, LPE (7)
-Inside Inn information (3)
-List of hotels, boarding houses, and rooming houses; Published by Free Information Service, LPE
-“When You Visit the World’s Fair at St. Louis”; Published by YMCA
-World’s Fair St. Louis Rooms”; Published by Free Information Service, LPE (3)

1/3 Addresses and Speeches

-“Address by Frederick JV Skiff before the Commercial Clubs of Chicago, Cincinnati, and St. Louis”; 1903
-“Address of President Roosevelt upon the Occasion of the Opening of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition”; 1903
-“Colonial Dames Day”
-“Ireland’s Exhibit at the Fair”
-“Speech of Hon. Richard Bartholdt of Missouri”


Admission Cards and Tickets

-American Institute of Architects, Festival Hall
-Bagobo Village (2)
-Beautiful Jim Key, the Educated Horse (2)
-Brazil Pavilion
-Cairo on the Pike, University Club member
-Congress of Arts and Science, Religious Section
-DeForest Wireless Telegraph Tower; FM Crunden & Lady
-Deutsches Haus; Prof. & Mrs. Crunden
-Dreamland Boosters
-Festival Hall, exercises
-Festival Hall, ITU Day
-German Tyrolean Alps Company; FM Crunden
-Imperial Chinese Pavilion; FM Crunden & Party
-Kentucky Building
-Keyes-Marshall Bros. Livery Co.
-Missouri Lead and Zinc Mine; FM Crunden
-Missouri State Building reception tickets (2)
-Monthly Pass; Ruth Zierfelt
-Nebraska Theatre, Agricultural Palace, Moving Picture Exhibition
-Netherlands Pavilion and Rembrandt Room (2)
-New York State Building; FM Crunden
-One Admission tickets (2)
-Palace of Machinery and the Imperial Japanese Reservation, Machinery Day
-Philippine Government Exposition, opening exercises
-Press Coupon Pass
-Rainwater Rifles Informal; FD Mayer (5)
-Sacred Concerts and Religious Exercises
-St. Louis Advertising Men’s League River Excursion
-Special 27 Coupon Ticket
-Stockholder’s Coupon Ticket; Caroline Carpenter
-Teamster’s Permits; FD Mayer (4)
-World’s Press Week; FD Mayer of the American Newspaper Association
-Young Men’s Hebrew Association Evening River Excursion (3)

1/5 Anthropology Department

-Official Catalogue of Exhibits (2)

1/6 Appropriations

-“Domestic Exploitation” (7)

1/7 Argentina

-Argentina information; in English and Spanish
-“Catalogue of Samples Forming the Argentine Forestal Collection”
-“Proyect for Improving the Navigability of the River Uruguay” by the Argentine Ministery of Public Works (2)
-Public Works index; Published by Jacobo Peuser (Buenos Aires); in French and Spanish (2)

1/8 Art Department

-“Circulation of Information Including the Classification and Rules and Regulations of the Department of Art”
-Official Catalogue of Exhibits (2)

1/9 Austria

-Austrian Government Pavilion; Published by Otto Maass’ Sons (Vienna) (2)

1/10 Belgium

-Doctorate of Laws and of Notary
-Germanic Languages
-Louvain University
-Manual Work and Domestic Economy
-Medicine, Surgery and Midwifery, Pharmacy
-Official Catalogue; Printed by Emile Rossel (Brussels)

2/1 Brazil

-“Brazil at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition” (3)

2/2 Bulgaria

-Official Catalogue

2/3 Campbell’s Illustrated Journal

-Dedication Number; May 1903

2/4 Clover Leaves

-Toledo, St. Louis & Western Railroad Clover Leaf Route magazines (3)

2/5 Colorado

-“From the School Children of Colorado” pressed columbine flower; Pauline Payne

2/6 Competitions

-Emblem competition form letter; 1902
-“Rules and Regulations Governing the Aeronautic Competition” (3)
-“To Art Workers: an Official Emblem Desired for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition”

2/7 Connecticut

-“Souvenir of the Connecticut State Building at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition”; Published by Connecticut Magazine Company (Hartford) (2)

2/8 Conventions

-“Conventions, Congresses, and Special meetings to be Held in St. Louis during 1904”; Published by Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co. (St. Louis) (3)

2/9 Correspondence

-Envelopes; addressed to FM Crunden and Bernard Freogel; 1903 (3)
-Flyer; addressed to Pierre Chouteau
-Letter; addressed to Bernard; 1903

2/10 The Cosmopolitan

-September 1904 (2)

2/11 Daily Bulletins

-August 26-27th 1904 (2)

2/12 Daily Official Programs (8)
3/1 Dedication Invitations

-Elias Wainwright
-FM Crunden
-WE [Beekinauer]
-WE [Fischel]

3/2 Education Department

-Circulars (5)
-“Monographs on Education in the United States, 10: Professional Education” by James Russell Parsons; Published by JB Lyon Company (Albany)
-“Monographs on Education in the United States, 11: Scientific, Technical, and Engineering Education” by TC Mendenhall; Published by JB Lyon Company (Albany)

3/3 Exhibits

-American Federation of Labor
-Anthracite Coal Mine
-Bookbinding Exhibit; Published by Ringer & Hertzberg (Chicago)
-Giacomo Brogi photographs; Published by Landi Press (Florence)
-International Bureau of the American Republics
-Library of Congress; Published by Government Printing Office
-Parochial Schools; Published by Concordia Publishing House
-Pratt Institute; Published by Pratt Institute (Brooklyn)
-Public Library; Published by Rogers & Co. (Chicago)
-Thomas Cook & Sons Exhibits
-William J. Hammer Collection of Incandescent Electric Lamps; 1906
-Yale University

3/4 France

-“Au Bon Marché Exhibition of Saint-Louis”
-Louvre publication; in French
-Menu; in French

3/5 France

-“Au Bon Marché Exhibition of Saint-Louis”
-Louvre publication; in French
-Menu; in French
-German Library publication; Published by F. Volckmar (Leipzig); in German
-“German-National Pictures”; Issued by Gerhard Stalling
-Health insurance in Leipzig publication; in German
-“The Imperial Printing Office in Berlin at the International Exposition”

3/6 Germany, Educational Exhibition

-“Chemistry”; Published by W. Büxenstein (Berlin) (2)
-“Guide to the German Educational Exhibition”; Published by W. Büxenstein (Berlin) (2)
-“Medicine”; Published by W. Büxenstein (Berlin)
-“Scientific Instruments”; Published by W. Büxenstein (Berlin)
-“Universities and Other Scientific Institutions”; Published by W. Büxenstein (Berlin)

3/7 Germany, Hygiene Exhibition

-“Special Catalogue of the Hygiene Exhibition”; Published by Julius Springer (Berlin); in English and German (2)

4/1 Germany, Tyrolean Alps

-“The German-Tyrolean Alps at the World’s Fair” (3)

4/2 Germany, Workmen’s Insurance

-“The German Workmen’s Insurance as a Social Institution, Part I: Origin and Social Importance” by Prof. Dr. Ludwig Lass
-“The German Workmen’s Insurance as a Social Institution,” Part II: Statistics of the Workmen’s Insurance” by Dr. GA Klein
-“The German Workmen’s Insurance as a Social Institution,” Part III: Prevention of Accidents and Workmen’s Hygiene” by Konrad Hartmann (2)
-“The German Workmen’s Insurance as a Social Institution,” Part IV: Workmen’s Insurance and National Health” by Bielefeldt
-“The German Workmen’s Insurance as a Social Institution, Part V: Workmen’s Insurance and National Economy” by Dr. Friedrich Zahn
-“The Workmen’s Insurance of the German Empire: Catalogue and Guide”; in English and German (2)

4/3 Great Britain

-“Catalogue of a Selection of the Jubilee Presents of Queen Victoria”; Issued by the Royal Commission (London)

4/4 Guidebooks (1)

-“The Best Guide to St. Louis and the World’s Fair”; Published by Bulletin Publishing Co. (St. Louis)
-“Big Four, Official Guide of St. Louis”; Published by Mississippi Valley Advertising Co.
-“Exposición Universal”; in Spanish
-“A Free Souvenir and Correct Map of the Location of All the World’s Fair Buildings”; Published by the Mercantile Trust Co. (3)
-“Frisco System to the St. Louis World’s Fair”
-“Grandeur of the Universal Exposition at St. Louis”; Published by Official Photographic Company

4/5 Guidebooks (2)

-“Heptol Splits Guide to Health and the World’s Fair at St. Louis”; Published by The Morrison Co.
-“How to See the World’s Fair in Six Days” by A. Carroll
-“In a Nutshell” by HB Wandell; 1901
-“Land of the Peanut”; Published by the Gwaltney-Bunkley Peanut Co.
-“Louisiana Purchase Exposition”; Published by the James Bayne Company (2)

4/6 Guidebooks (3)

-“Official Louisiana Purchase Exposition”; Published by Official Photographic Co.
-“Official World’s Fair, St. Louis”; Published by Official Photographic Co. (2)

5/1 Guidebooks (4)

-“Official Guide to the World’s Fair”; Published by Official Guide Co. (St. Louis) (4)

5/2 Guidebooks (5)

-“The St. Louis Exposition”; Published by J. Murray Jordan (Philadelphia) (2)
-“St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition”
-“St. Louis World’s Fair” by Dr. Charles M. Kurtz; Published by The Gottschalk Printing Co.

5/3 Guidebooks (6)

-“Souvenir Book of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Day and Night Scenes”; Published by Official Photographic Co.
-“Souvenir of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition”; Issued by Fernet-Branca (Milan, Italy) (3)
-“Souvenir of the World’s Fair at St. Louis”; Issued by Fabricius Toy and Notion Co.

5/4 Guidebooks (7)

-“A Trip around the Main Picture and through the Plateau of States” by Howard Obear (2)
-“Universal Exposition”
-“Universal Exposition 1904”
-“Universal Exposition” by Dr. Charles M. Kurtz; Published by The Gottschalk Printing Co.
-“Universal Exposition, General Regulations”; 1903
-“Views of ST. Louis and the World’s Fair” by LH Nelson Co.

5/5 Guidebooks (8)

-“Wabash World’s Fair Route”; Published by Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co.
-“The World’s Fair St. Louis, 1904” by Dr. Charles M. Kurtz; Published by Gottschalk Printing Co.; 1903
-“World’s Fair St. Louis, 1904” by T. Newcomb and WG Smith; Published by Newcomb Publishing Co. (New York)
-“World’s Fair Souvenir”; Issued by WD Boyce Co. (Chicago)

5/6 Guidebooks (9)

-“The World’s Fair at St. Louis”; Published by Robert Allan Reid (St. Louis); 1902
-“World’s Fair Authentic Guide”; Issued by the Official Guide Co.
-“World’s Fair Manual, The Guide Book of the Exposition” by Alex. Eli Jacobs; 1903 (3)

6/1 Haiti

-“A Brief Sketch on Haiti” (2)

6/2 Horticulture Department

-“Official Catalogue of Exhibits”; Published by the Official Catalogue Co. (St. Louis)

6/3 Hungary

-Fine Arts Exhibit catalogue; Published by Viktor Hornyánszky Printing House (Budapest); 1904; in English and Hungarian

6/4 Illinois

-“Illinois at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition”; Printed by JW Franks & Sons (Peoria, IL); 1904

6/5 Indiana

-“Souvenir: Indiana Building” (2)

6/6 Invitations

-The Alps opening
-Arkansas Commission reception
-Arkansas Day
-Asia and Empire of India reception and dedication
-Austrian Government Pavilion inauguration (3)
-Belgian Pavilion reception
-Brazil independence reception
-Brazilian Pavilion opening reception; FD Mayer
-Chinese Pavilion opening; FD Mayer
-Citizens’ Industrial Association meeting; FD Mayer
-Columbian Club Opening Ball
-Commissioner General for Great Britain Meeting; TD Quincy
-Commissioner General for Hungary meeting; FD Mayer
-Criterion Concession Company inaugural reception
-French Pavilion reception
-Indian Industrial Exhibit formal opening (2)
-Indiana Commission governor meeting
-International Advertising Association, Festival Hall
-International Congress of Arts and Sciences meeting
-International Jury of Awards reception; TD Quincy
-International Typographical Union Day
-Japanese Imperial Pavilion opening; FD Mayer
-Jefferson Memorial dedication; Judge Kinsey
-Kansas City Day Ceremonies
-Kentucky Day Ceremonies
-Louisiana Day
-Machinery Day
-Maryland State Commission governor reception
-Massachusetts Day exercises
-Michigan Day Ceremonies
-Missouri Bar Association reception
-Missouri Commission reception and grand ball
-Missouri Commission song recital
-Missouri State Commission, reception
-Naval Exhibit (2)
-New Jersey Commission reception
-New Jersey State Day Ceremonies
-New Mexico Territorial Board governor reception
-New York City Day Ceremonies
-New York State Commission governor reception (2)
-Ohio Day exercises
-Ohio State Commission governor reception
-Philippine Exposition opening
-Porto-Rico Day Ceremonies
-Rainwater Rifles informal (6)
-Rhode Island Day (2)
-Sacred Concert, Palace of Varied Industries
-Siam Pavilion private viewing
-Sonderausstellung Deutscher Künstler opening
-South African Boer War Exhibition Company formal opening
-Texas Commission meeting
-Texas State Commission governor reception
-TPA Building Commission reception
-William II, Emperor of Germany bust presentation
-Wisconsin State Building dedication

6/7 Iowa

-“List of Books by Iowa Authors”; Published by the Iowa Library Commission (Des Moines)

6/8 Ireland

-“In the Shadow of the Cross” painting information
-“Irish Industrial Exhibition, Preliminary Notice of Exhibits” (2)

6/9 Italy

-“Collection of Seeds for Agrarian and Woody Culture”; Printed by J. Bertero & C. (Rome)
-Southern Provinces; Published by Tipografia Melfi & Joele (Naples); in Italian

6/10 Japan

-Agricultural and Monopoly Bureaus
-Catalogue of Regulations for Police Department; in Japanese
-“The Exhibit of Shizuokaken Shoyu Guild”
-“Fisheries”; Published by Imperial Fisheries Bureau (Tokyo)
-“Forestry and Forest-Products of Japan”; Published by the Bureau of Forestry (Tokyo)
-“Handbook of Japan and Japanese Exhibits” by Hajime Hoshi
-“A Note on Japanese Architectural Art”; Published by Yamanaka & Co. (Osaka)
-“Shidzuoka Prefecture Japan: It’s Products & Resources”

7/1 Japan, Education

-“Education in Japan: Art Education”; Published by Department of Education (Japan)
-“Education in Japan: Education in Formosa”; Published by Department of Education (Japan)
-“Education in Japan: Introduction”; Published by Department of Education (Japan)
-“Education in Japan: Libraries and Museums, Educational Societies Text-Books, Etc.; Published by Department of Education (Japan)
-“Education in Japan: Primary Education”; Published by Department of Education (Japan)
-“Education in Japan: Secondary Education”; Published by Department of Education (Japan)
-“Education in Japan: Superior Education”; Published by Department of Education (Japan)
-“Education in Japan: Technical Education”; Published by Department of Education (Japan)

7/2 Japanese-American Commercial Weekly

-World’s Fair Souvenir Edition; in English and Japanese

7/3 Kansas

-Art Exhibit Catalogue
-“Kansas Capit

7/4 Liberal Arts Department

-“Division of Exhibits”

7/5 Liberty Bell

-“The Liberty Bell” by Charles S. Keyser; Published by Dunlap Printing Co. (Philadelphia); 1901
-“The Liberty Bell: Its History, Associations, and Home”; Published by Dunlap Printing Co. (Philadelphia)
-“The Old Liberty Bell”

7/6 Livestock Department

-“Prize List and Rules and Regulations”; Published by Buxton & Skinner Print (St. Louis)

7/7 Louisiana

-“Conditions and Progress of Education in Louisiana”
-Louisiana Day
-“Louisiana Writers and Artists”
-“Our Mineral Resources”

7/8 Louisiana Purchase

-“Condensed History of the Louisiana Purchase”; 1903; in English, French, German, and Spanish (4)
-“Historical Sketch of ‘Louisiana’ and the Louisiana Purchase”
-“The Louisiana Purchase: Its Influence and Development under American Rule” by Amos M. Thayer

7/9 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Act of Congress

-Act of Congress of the United States; 1901; in Portuguese and Spanish (4)

7/10 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Annual Reports

-Annual Reports; 1902-1903 (9)

7/11 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, General Information

-Chronology (2)
-“History of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition” (2)
-Informational postcards (6)
-Informational booklets (4)
-“St. Louis and Its Exposition”; Published by Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co. (St. Louis) (2)
-“The World’s Fair”; 1901; in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish (6)
-“World’s Fair Minatures”

7/12 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Manuals

-Manuals; 1901-1904 (3)

8/1 Manufactures Department

-“Department of Manufactures”

8/2 Maps

-Ferris Wheel map; 1904
-“St. Louis World’s Fair”; Published by the JN Matthews Co. (Buffalo, NY); Issued by Holophane Glass Co. ; 1903

8/3 Maryland

-“Brief Account of Maryland Mineral Resources” by the Maryland Geological Survey; Published by Johns Hopkins Press (Baltimore)

8/4 Massachusetts

-“Catalogue of the Public School Exhibit of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts”

8/5 Medical Department

-“Report of the Medical Department of the Universal Exposition” by Leonidas H. Laidley

8/6 Mexico

-Alphabetical Index of the Universal Exposition Classification by Maximiliano M. Chabert; Published by the Promotion Secretary’s Office (Mexico City); 1902
-“Coahuila: A Brief Statistical Statement”; Published by the Coahuila State Printing Office
-El Heraldo Agrícola; May 1904; in Spanish

8/7 Michigan

-“Catalogue of Paintings, Sculpture, and Photos”

8/8 Mines and Metallurgy Department

-“Division of Exhibits”
-“Mines and Metallurgy” by Paul Schneider; in English and French

8/9 Minnesota


8/10 Miscellaneous Items

-“The 57”
-“The Aeolian Pipe-Organ in New York State Building”
-“Appendix to the Historical Sketch and Catalogue of the Exhibits of the Burns Cottage Association”
-“The Bell Telephone Companies”
-“The Berlitz Schools of Languages”
-Buckingham Club booklet
-“The DeForest Wireless Telegraph System” (2)
-“The Earliest Free Public Schools”; Published by George E. Gay; 1903
-“Electric Mutorama: From New York to the North Pole”
-“A Free Library in the Missouri Building” (2)
-Germania Kalender issue; Published by George Brumder (Milwaukee); 1905
-“Hereafter on the Pike”
-Kansas City Casino drawing
-“A List of Maps, Atlases, and Books Exhibited at the St. Louis Exhibition” by Edward Stanford
-“Military Camp and Special Days and Events”
-“Official Series of Views of Louisiana Purchase Exposition”
-“Palais du Costume” (2)
-Poems by Patrick Caden; 1902
-“Pressed Steel Cars at the St. Louis Exposition”
-“Proposed World’s Fair Site”; Published by Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co. (St. Louis)
“The Public Library” (2)
-St. Louis Typographical Union No. 8 Souvenir
-“San Francisco: California’s Metropolis”
-“Singer Souvenir of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition” (2)
-“Souvenir Booklet of Central College”
-“The Story of Beautiful Jim Key” (2)
-“The Temple of Fraternity at the World’s Fair”
-Theodore Roosevelt proclamation; 1901
-Tip Top Weekly, January 1905
-“University of Missouri at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition”
-“The University of Wisconsin” by Henry Burrowes Lathrop; Published by Cantwell Printing Company (Madison)
-“The Wellcome Chemical Research Laboratories
-“The Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories”
-Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories award notification
-“What to See in Jerusalem”; Published by Greeley Printery (St. Louis)

8/11 Missouri

-“Publications by Missouri Authors and Periodicals of Missouri of 1903” by FA Sampson
-“The State of Missouri at the World’s Fair” (3)

8/12 Nebraska

-Exhibit report and update
-“Nebraska”; Published by Rees (Omaha)
-“Report of the Nebraska State Commission”; 1905

8/13 Netherlands

-“Illustrated Catalogue of the Holland Art Department”; Published by Mouton & Co. (Holland)

8/14 New York

-“Exhibits at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition” by FS Cook and George A. Taber; Published by Martin B. Brown Press (New York)
-“Private Charitable Institutions Receiving Public Money in New York City”; Published by Martin B. Brown Press (New York)

8/15 Official Directories (4)
9/1 Ohio

-“Ohio Day”; Published by Berlin Printing Co. (Columbus, OH)

9/2 Olympics

-“Preliminary Programme of Physical Culture Olympic Games and World’s Championship Contests”

9/3 Philippines

-“Philippine Exposition” (6)
-“Report of the Philippine Exposition Board”; Published by Greeley Printery (St. Louis)
-“Souvenir of the Philippines Exposition”; Published by the Manila Review of Trade

9/4 Pictures and Photographs

-Fountain of Lions

9/5 Pittsburgh

-“Greater Pittsburgh”; Published by Charles E. Lipscomb Co. (Pittsburgh)

9/6 Programs

-American Boy Day
-Anglo-Boer War
-Balls, Missouri State Building (2)
-Brazilian Pavilion Grand Concert
-Christian Brothers Alumni Day
-Concert program, French Pavilion; in French
-Congregational Day (2)
-Dedication Ceremonies (2)
-Dedicatory Exercises
-Deutscher Tag
-Exposition Orchestra, Festival Hall
-Ground Allotment Ceremonies
-House of Hoo-Hoo
-Imperial Japanese Commissioner-General’s reception
-Interdenominational Celebration
-International Congress of Arts and Science (2)
-Iron and Steel Institute
-“Kiralfy’s Louisiana Purchase Spectacle Co.”; Odeon Theater (3)
-Machinery Department reception (2)
-Massachusetts Day
-Model Library opening (5)
-National Education Association convention
-Olympic Games, football, Carlisle Indians vs. Haskell Indians
-Organ recitals, Festival Hall (3)
-Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company reception (2)
-Peace and Progress, Mexican Pavilion
-Swedish Pavilion event
-Vocal, Instrumental, and Orchestral Concerts, Missouri State Building (3)

9/7 Rhode Island

-“The Rhode Island Building”

9/8 Rules and Regulations

-“General Regulations”; 1903 (2)
-“Information Concerning Admission of Exhibits…”; 1903
-“Official Classification of Exhibit Departments” (2)
-“Rules and Regulations”; 1901 (2)
-“Rules and Regulations Governing Service of Power, Light, and Water…”; 1903 (2)
-“Rules and Regulations Governing the System of Awards”; 1902-1904 (5)
-“Rules, Regulations, and Information Affecting Transportation of Exhibits…”; 1903

9/9 St. Louis Public Schools

-“Organization of the Public Schools”
-“Plan of an Educational Exhibit

9/10 Smithsonian

-“An Account of the Smithsonian Institution”
-“The Exhibit of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory”
-“The International Exchange Service” (2)

10/1 State Department

-Exhibit catalogue

10/2 Sweden

-“Guide to the Educational Exhibit of Sweden”; Published by Wilhelmssons (Stockholm) (2)

10/3 Swedenborg House

-“Emanuel Swedenborg”; Published by Western New Church Union (Chicago) (2)
-“Emanuel Swedenborg: A Lecture”; Published by JB Lippincott Co. (Philadelphia)

10/4 United States

-“Description of Exhibit of Colleges of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts and Experiment Stations by WH Beal; Published by the US Department of Agriculture
-“The United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries and Its Exhibit” by W. de C. Ravenel

10/5 Works Division

-“Rules and Regulations Governing Delivery and Handling of Supplies and Commodities and Governing General Traffic…” (2)
-“Rules for Disposal of Garbage on the Exposition Grounds” (2)
-“Rules for Fire Protection by High Pressure Water System on the Exposition Grounds”
-“Rules for Gas on the Exposition Grounds”
-“Rules for Sewer Connections on the Exposition Grounds”
-“Rules for Treatment of Grounds around State and Other Buildings on the Exposition Grounds”
-“Rules Regarding the Supply of Compressed Air”
-“Rules Regarding the Supply of Electricity”
-“Rules Regarding the Supply of Steam”
-“Rules to Govern the Erection of All Buildings and Structures on the Exposition Grounds”

10/6 Brazil

-Extract from “The History of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition”

10/7 The Criterion

-October 1903; St. Louis Exposition Number

10/8 Menus

-American Street Railway Association reception
-International Meeting of Doctors
-Modern Woodmen of America, Temple Inn
-New York City Day, Lüchow-Faust Restaurant
-St. Louis Day, Tyrolean Alps
-Sing Mark Her Hai Lo Ho, Chinese Village

10/9 Missouri State Commission

-“Plans and Specifications of a Model Rural School House”

10/10 The Universal Exposition

-Division of Exhibits

10/11 The World’s Fair

-Published by Continental Colortype Co. (Chicago)

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