Local Buildings and Features Collection

Accession Number: SC 18:83
Location: RB-SPCOLL
Dates: 1940-2005
Size: 122 oversize flat boxes, 123 Hollingers; 305.5 cubic feet
Creator/Collector: SLPL Staff
Acquisition info: Transfer from SLPL Fine Arts
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: No history
Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller
Conservation notes: No notes
Scope and Content: The collection contains both oversize and smaller newspaper and magazine photos related to a variety of St. Louis topics. Some items are pasted to cardboard.
Arrangement: Alphabetical by topic
Restrictions: No restrictions
Remarks: Public access collection

Local Buildings and Features
122 oversize flat boxes, 123 Hollingers; 305.5 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding Aid
Small Boxes 

Air Views

Aloe Plaza

Apartments, A-H

Apartments, J-Z


Beer Gardens and Saloons


Bridges and Riverfront, Before 1900

Bridges and Riverfront, After 1900

Bridges, Eads Bridge

Buildings, A-Be

Buildings, Bi-Cl

Buildings, Co-Cz

Buildings, D-E

Buildings, F-G

Buildings, H-L

Buildings, Mc-Mi

Buildings, Mo-Pi

Buildings, Pl-Sc

Buildings, Se-Sz

Buildings, T-V

Buildings, X-Z

Buildings, Federal

Buildings, Misc.

Buildings, Municipal

Buildings, Municipal, City Hall and Kiel

Buildings, Municipal, Civil Courts



Christmas and Other Holidays

Churches, Catholic, Misc.-St. John

Churches, Catholic, St. Joseph-Z

Churches, Christ Church Cathedral

Churches, Misc.

Churches, New Cathedral

Churches, Old Cathedral

Churches, Protestant, A-G

Churches, Protestant, H-R

Churches, Protestant, S-Z

City Art Museum


County Buildings

County Misc.


Disasters, 1896 Tornado

Events, Before 1900

Events, After 1900

Expositions, 1926

Fairgrounds, Old


Gateway Arch

Grand Center

Hospitals, A-H

Hospitals, I-Z

Hotels, A-G

Hotels, H-P

Hotels, Q-Z

Housing, Public/Subsidized


Jefferson Barracks

Jefferson Memorial

Laclede’s Landing

Lafayette Square

Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Box 1

Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Box 2



Masonic Buildings and Temples

Misc., Before 1900

Misc., After 1900

Monuments, A-K

Monuments, L-Z

Muny Opera


Night Scenes

Old Courthouse

Parks, Forest Park

Parks, A-L

Parks, M-Z

Planetarium/Science Center


Powell Symphony Hall

St. Louis Public Library, Central Branch/General History, Box 1

St. Louis Public Library, Central Branch/General History, Box 2

St. Louis Public Library, Branches

Residences, Misc./A

Residences, B

Residences, C-D

Residences, E-G

Residences, H-K

Residences, L-Q

Residences, R-Z

Residences, Campbell House


Santa Maria Replica

Schools, A-D

Schools, E-Q

Schools, R-Z

St. Louis University

Schools, Washington University, Box 1

Schools, Washington University, Box 2

Services, Municipal

Shaw’s Garden/Missouri Botanical Garden

Soldiers Memorial

Spanish Pavilion



State and Figure of St. Louis IX

Streets, Private Places

Streets, A-K

Streets, L-Z

Theaters, Fox Theatre

Theaters, No Fox


Transportation, Metro Link

Union Station

Veiled Prophet

War Pictures


Winter Scenes

St. Louis Zoo

Large Boxes

St. Louis Admiral and President Riverboats

St. Louis Air Views, Box 1

St. Louis Air Views, Box 2

St. Louis Airports

St. Louis Aloe Plaza/Fountains/Franklin Park

St. Louis American Institute of Architects Charettes

St. Louis Apartments, A-L

St. Louis Apartments, M-Z

St. Louis Atmosphere

St. Louis Bicentennial

St. Louis Breweries

St. Louis Bridges

St. Louis Bridges, Eads Bridge

St. Louis Buildings, A-B

St. Louis Buildings, C-D

St. Louis Buildings, E-F

St. Louis Buildings, G-K

St. Louis Buildings, L-Mart

St. Louis Buildings, Maryland-Mu

St. Louis Buildings, N-R

St. Louis Buildings, S-T

St. Louis Buildings, U-Z

St. Louis Buildings, Federal

St. Louis Buildings, Federal, Old Post Office

St. Louis Buildings, Misc.

St. Louis Buildings, Municipal

St. Louis Caves

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, Box 1

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, Box 2

St. Louis Cardinals Football

St. Louis Cemeteries

St. Louis Christmas and Other Holidays

St. Louis Churches, Catholic, A-R

St. Louis Churches, Catholic, S-Z

St. Louis Churches, Christ Church Cathedral

St. Louis Churches, Misc.

St. Louis Churches, New Cathedral

St. Louis Churches, Old Cathedral

St. Louis Churches, Protestant

St. Louis City Art Museum

St. Louis Clayton Plaza

St. Louis Clubs

St. Louis Convention Center

St. Louis County Buildings and Libraries

St. Louis County Municipalities and Miscellany

St. Louis Disasters

St. Louis Events

St. Louis Gaslight Square

St. Louis Gateway Arch and Mall

St. Louis History

St. Louis Hospitals, A-K

St. Louis Hospitals, L-Z

St. Louis Hotels

St. Louis Housing and Slum Clearance (Pruitt Igoe)

St. Louis Jefferson Barracks and Jefferson Memorial

St. Louis Kiener Plaza

St. Louis Laclede Town

St. Louis Laclede’s Landing

St. Louis Lafayette Square

St. Louis Landmark Tours

St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition

St. Louis Maps

St. Louis Markets

St. Louis Masonic Temples and Buildings

St. Louis Miscellaneous

St. Louis Miscellany, Box 1

St. Louis Miscellany, Box 2

St. Louis Monuments

St. Louis Municipal Theater

St. Louis Museum of Science and Natural History/Planetarium/Science Center

St. Louis Neighborhoods

St. Louis Night Views

St. Louis Old Courthouse

St. Louis Parks, Forest Park

St. Louis Parks and Playgrounds, A-K

St. Louis Parks and Playgrounds, L-Z

St. Louis Plaza

St. Louis Powell Symphony Hall/St. Louis Music

St. Louis Public Library, Branches

St. Louis Public Library, Central

St. Louis Residences, A-C

St. Louis Residences, D-F

St. Louis Residences, G-J

St. Louis Residences, K-P

St. Louis Residences, Q-Z

St. Louis Residences, Campbell House

St. Louis Residences, Miscellaneous

St. Louis Restaurants and Bars

St. Louis Riverfront, Before 1900

St. Louis Riverfront, After 1900, Box 1

St. Louis Riverfront, After 1900, Santa Maria Ship

St. Louis Schools, A-H

St. Louis Schools, J-Z

St. Louis Services, Municipal

St. Louis Shaw’s Garden

St. Louis Shopping, St. Louis Centre and Mercantile Center

St. Louis Shops

St. Louis Soldiers Memorial

St. Louis Spanish Pavilion

St. Louis Sports, No Cardinals

St. Louis Stadiums

St. Louis Streets, After 1900

St. Louis Streets, Before 1900 and Private Places

St. Louis Theaters

St. Louis Transportation

St. Louis Union Station, Articles

St. Louis Union Station, Reopening

St. Louis University/University of Missouri-St. Louis

St. Louis University City

St. Louis Urban Renewal, Central West End/Maryland Plaza/Washington University Medical Center

St. Louis Urban Renewal, Downtown, Box 1

St. Louis Urban Renewal, Downtown, Box 2

St. Louis Urban Renewal, Midtown/Mill Creek/Northside

St. Louis Urban Renewal, Soulard/LaSalle Park

St. Louis Urban Renewal, Southside

St. Louis Veiled Prophet, Box 1

St. Louis Veiled Prophet, Box 2

St. Louis War Pictures

St. Louis Washington University

St. Louis Watercraft and Waterworks

St. Louis Zoo

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