Large Format Print Request Form

Submit a file to be printed on our Large Format Printer using the form below! Print jobs will be sent to the printer by Library staff. Large format printers are available at all Creative Experience locations. Questions? Email

  • Acceptable file types: Acceptable file types: all common image files types, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, and PDF
  • Maximum width: 36” / 10,800 pixels
  • Staff reserves the right to deny any print job that violates the Library’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Images will be printed exactly as they are submitted. Aside from resizing the image, staff will not modify the file. 
  • Please allow 14 business days for your project to be created.
  • You will be notified via email or phone when your item is ready for pick up. 
  • Completed items will be held for 14 days. 
  • Maximum file size for the online form is 30MB. If you are experiencing issues uploading your file, please email, opens a new window
  • We can only accept 10 print projects at a time. Once your 10 projects are completed, another set of projects can be submitted.
  • For prints needed the same day, please visit one of our locations in-person.
Paying for Prints
  • The cost for large format prints varies by paper type and is charged by the linear foot. Charges are rounded up to the nearest dollar.
    • Regular Paper: $1 per linear foot
    • Photo Glossy: $1 per linear foot
    • Matte Canvas: $4 per linear foot
    • Banner Paper: $4 per linear foot
    • Removable Adhesive Fabric: $4 per linear foot
  • Once staff receive the completed form, you will be notified of the cost. Items will not be printed until you confirm the cost.
  • You can use your free monthly print credit towards large format prints.
  • Each month, you can print one item for free, up to 18" x 36" in size.

Tips for Good Prints

When printing images at large sizes, achieving a clear print can be more complicated than when printing small images. Here are some simple tips that will help you avoid bad prints.

    • Use the original image file if possible. Images downloaded from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, for example, have been downsized for those services. They will not print as clearly as the original photos.
    • Generally, the larger the file size, the higher quality the image. For example, a photograph that is 500kb will most likely not look as sharp as one that is 10mb. 
    • A photo cannot be enlarged without losing quality. Staff can resize photos, but if scaled up too far, the photo will become blurry.
    • More pixels means a bigger image. Knowing your image's dimensions in pixels will give you a sense of how large it will print without blurring. For example, because we print images at 300 pixels per inch, an image that is 10,800 pixels wide will print clearly at 36” wide.

Large Format Print Request Form

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