International Travel Literature Collection

Accession Number: SC 17:35
Location: RB-M
Dates: 1857-1969
Size: 2 record cartons; 2.0 cu. ft.
Creator/Collector: Collected by SLPL staff
Acquisition info: Collected by SLPL staff
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Collection assembled by SLPL staff (various branches) and stored in Central Library in former "Tin Room." At some point was moved to storage room at Compton Branch Library. Moved from Compton Branch Library storage to Rare Books and Manuscripts in September 2017.
Language: English
Processed by: Amanda Bahr-Evola, September 2017
Conservation notes: Items placed into acid free envelopes and into acid free record
cartons. Metal fasteners removed.
Scope and Content: Collection of travel literature spanning the globe. Much of the collection dates from the 1930s-1940s. Brochures and publications from travel companies, transportation companies, tourist bureaus, tourist attractions, and government entities are featured.

Collection organized into topical series, geographic organization

within series.

Restrictions: No restrictions
Remarks: “st” indicates the year that was stamped on the item by SLPL

International Travel Literature Collection
2 record cartons; 2.0 cu. ft.

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding Aid
1/- Australia 

"Orient Line to Australia"


"Vienna et La Basse-Austriche" Office de Tourisme Pour Vienne et La Base-Autriche (st 1935)

"Vienna and Lower Austria" Board for the Promotion of Tourist Traffic in Vienna and Lower Austria (st 1934)

"Vienna" Board for the Promotion of Tourist Traffic in Vienna and Lower Austria

"Vienna and Lower Austria" Board for the Promotion of Tourist Traffic in Vienna and Lower Austria (1928)

"Bregenz-Salzburg/A Guide to Schönbrunn (1969)

The Bahamas

"Nassau, Island of New Providence Bahamas: A Guide to the

Great Sanitarium of the Western Hemisphere, its attractions and

how to get there. Nassau Mail Steamship Line, Season 1879-

1889. (1878)


"Ghent International Exhibition via Dover-Ostend" (1913)


"Rio de Janeiro" Department of Press and Propoganda

"Rio de Janeiro: Information to Travellers on Rio de Janeiro-

Brasil" Department of Publicity and Progress (1935)

"Iguassa Falls" (st 1939)

"A Descriptive Synopsis of the Paraná Santa Catharina Railroads [1939]

"Paulo Affonso Waterfalls


"The South Pacific Mail’s Guidebook to Chile." South Pacific Mail (1951)


"Shanghai" American Express Travel Department

"Peking" American Express Travel Department

"Do You Know Shanghai?" Canadian Pacific Steamships (1924)


"Illustrated Guide to Dubrovnik (Ragusa) and Surroundings" by Professor Anton

Vučetić (1932)


"Copenhagen and Environs" by Carl Fitch (1937)


"The Monastery of St. Catherine in Mount Sinai" by Aziz Suryal Atiya (1950)

El Salvador

"Particulars about the Republic of El Salvador" (1905)


"Guide to Oxford with Plan and Illustrations" by A.R. Mowbray & Co., Ltd.


"Guide to the Tower of London" (1883)

"Warwick Castle and Town together with Guy’s Cliffe" by C.J. Ribton-Turner


"Peterborough: Notes on the Cathedrals" by W.H. Fairbairns (st 1935)

"Victoria and Albert Museum: Brief Guide" (st 1941)

"Southhampton: The Gateway to England" Entertainments and Publicity

Committee of Southampton Corporation (1949)

"The Cathedral Church of St. Mary Salisbury" Brown and Company, Ltd. (1912)

"Strolls through Salisbury: Guide to Cathedral and City" E.H. Macdonald


"Sheffield’s Achievements" (st 1937)

"Alden’s Guide to Oxford"

"Oxford 1555 and 1556: A Pamphlet concerning Three of the Noble Army of

Martyrs" (1930)

"Bath as a Health Resort" The Bath Corporation

"A day in Oxford: What to see and how to see it" by Harry Paintin

"A Sentimental and Practical Guide to Amesbury and Stonehenge" by Lady

Antrobus (1900)

"Romsey Abbey: In History and Today" by Robert Fanstone (st 1935)

"John Heywood’s Illustrated Guide—York" John Heywood, Ltd. (st 1935)

"Royal Leamington Spa: Views and Reviews" Robinson, Son, and Co.

"Randolph Hotel, Oxford" A. Hermon Turner and Co., Ltd.

"Shakespeare land" by Maxwell Fraser (1933)

"Marshall’s Royal Windsor Guide" by E. Marshall (st 1933)

"Port of London Authority" Port of London Authority (st 1925)

"Sheffield, England" by J.P. Lamb (1956)

"Totnes: No. 184 The "Borough" Guides" W.H. Smith and Son

"Visitors Guide Totnes" Mortimer Bros.

"Authorised Guide to the Tower of London" (1930)

"Tower of London: Guide to the Armouries" (1928)

"Authorised Guide to the Tower of London" (1928)

"Views of Hastings & St. Leonards—the popular health and pleasure resort"

"A Day in the City of Ripon: Visitors Handbook" J.H. Taylor (st 1935)

"The Story of the Royal Scot" (1933)

"The Royal Scot" (1933)

"Colorful England and Scotland" London and North Eastern Railway (1932)

"Vacation Tours in England and Scotland" London and North Eastern Railway



"Finland-in sumer and winter" Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seuran

Kirjapainon Oy (1948)


"The Chateaux of Blésois and Touraine by Motor Car" (1927)

"Paris 1937 Exposition via French Line" (1936)

"Plan Monumental et Touristique de Toulouse" Grand Hôtel Régina

"The Paris Guide for Strangers" Hotel des Iles Britanniques (1857)

"Verdun: Visits to the Battlefields around Verdun by autocar and private

Automobile" Thomas Cook & Son

"Place Royale. Place des Vosges" by Mary Lyttleton Wyatt (1928)

"The French Riveria" American Express (1923-1924)

"Rambouillet: Its Castle, Its Park, Its Forest, Its Suburbs" (st 1935)

"Reims" Railways of France

"Hotel Continental Paris"

"La Basilique de Saint Denis et ses Tombeaux par M. l’abbè Ferdinand

"The Cathedral of Strasbourg" Union’s Library (st 1935)

"Normandy" French State Railways

"Normandy in History, in Nature, and in Art" by Marcel Monmarché (st 1936)

"Reims" Railways of France

"Vichy: The Queen of Watering Places"

"Grand Hotel de L’athénée (1874)

"Atlas Paris Lyons Mediterranean Railway: The Riviera from Marseilles to


"Atlas Paris Lyons Mediterranean Railway: Valley of the Rhône"


"Silesia" Reichsbahnzentrale für den Deutschen Reiseverkehr (2 copies)

"Bad-Nauheim" Grand-Ducal Administation (1910)

"Neuestes Rhein-Panorama von Maiz bis Coeln"

"Thuringia" Reichsbahnzentrale für den Reiseverker (st 1934)

"Thuringia" Reichsbahnzentrale für den Reiseverker"

"Programme of Conducted and Independent Trips for visiting the Bavarian

Royal Castles" Tourist Office Schenker & Co.

"The Middle Rhine: Past and Present" Mayence Section of the German

Railroads" (1930)

"Rothenburg: A Guide to the Town" Rudolf Albrecht

"The Rhine" The Rhenish Association for the Development of Travel

"Relief Panorama of the Rhine" (st 1935)

"Visit Romantic Germany in the Oberammergau Jubilee Year, 1634-1934"

"Oberammergau" (1922)

"Scenic Rhineland: The Gateway to Oberammergau." Landesverkehrsverband


"Der Rhein: von Mainz bis Köln 20 Postkarten" Hoursch & Bechstedt (st 1935)

"Bad-Nauheim: The Most Modern Health and Pleasure Resort" (1913)

"Baden Baden Black Forest—Official Guide" Municipal Enquiry Office (1914)

"Wildungen Spa and its Mineral Springs: Their Effects on the Diseases of the

Urinary Organs" Wildungen Spa (1913)

"Eurotel St. Blasien"


"Rotterdam Cathedral" by Rev. J.R. Gellenbach (st 1935)

"The Port of Rotterdam" Published by the Corporation

"Rotterdam" (st 1941)


"Ulster: an official publication of the Ulster Tourist Development

Association" (st 1951)

"Photoviews of Northern Ireland" Eason & Son, Ltd. (st. 1951)

"Titania’s Palace: Illustrated Guide" by Maj. Sir. Nevile Wilkinson (1926)


"Sicily" Italian State Tourist Department

"Monuments of Italy, no. 8 the Palatine" by Umberto Leoni

"Classical Cities of Sicily: Taormina, Syracuse, Pantalica, Palazzolo, Acreide,

Agrigento, Selinunte, Segesta, Solunto" Italian State Tourist Department

(1933—2 copies)

"Siena" Italian State Tourist Department (1937)

"Trieste" (1950)

"Urbino" Italian State Tourist Department (st 1933)

"The Italian Riviera" Italian State Tourist Department

"Sicily Acireale Hydromineral Health Resort" Italian State Tourist Department

"Sicily" Italian State Tourist Department

"New Guide to Perugia" by G.M. Palliccia (1910)

"Palermo" Italian State Tourist Department

"The Dead Cities of Italy: Ostia" Italian State Tourist Department

"Genova" Italian State Tourist Department

"Primavera Siciliana" Automobile Club di Sicilia (1927)

"Trieste" Automobile Club di Sicilia

"Sicily" Automobile Club di Sicilia

"Sicily" Automobile Club di Sicilia

"The Italian Riviera" Automobile Club di Sicilia (st 1933)

"Roma" Automobile Club di Sicilia (1925)

"Rome—no. 393 The "Borough" Pocket Guides" compiled by A. Raggi, Deputy

USA Consul-General at Rome

"Rome" Automobile Club di Sicilia (st 1939)

"Rome—Short Guide" National Italian Association for the Assistance of


"The Surroundings of Rome" National Italian Association for the Assistance of

Tourists (st 1934)

"Roma" Automobile Club di Sicilia

"Taormina" San Domenico Palace Hotel (st 1935)

"Danieli Royal Excelsior—Veniezia"

2/- Japan 

"Japan’s New Tokaido Railroard: Report of H.J. McKenzie"

"The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japan" (1939)

"How to See Tokyo and its Enviorns" Japan Tourist Bureau (1928)

"Handbook of Information" NYK Line (1921)

"The Jewel of The Orient" The Imperial Hotel (st 1935)

"To the Orient and Round the World" dollar Steamship Lines/American

Mail Line


"Mesopotamia: The key to the future" by Canon Parfit (1918)


"All Rail and Rail-Water Tours to Mexico City" (1934)


"To Morocco via Marseilles" Paris, Lyon and Mediterranean Railway

The Netherlands

"Amsterdam: Capital of the Netherlands: Facts, Figures, Photographs"

Allert de Lange (1950)

New Zealand

"Wellington: Capital City of New Zealand Visitors Guide"

"New Zealand Views" by James S. DeBenneville


"Motoring in Norway" Norway Travel Association (1950)

"Bruns Guide: Trondheim" (st 1951)


"The Tourist in Panama: illustrated guide" (1927)

"Panama Railroad Company" Steamship Line (1911)

"Souvenir of the Panama Republic" (1906)

"The Tourist’s Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala"

"Panama and the West Indies" The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (1918)

"Panama Canal Hotels: Hotel Tivoli/Hotel Washington (2 copies)

"My Trip Through the Panama Canal"


"The Land of the Incas—Descriptive Journey through Southern Peru and

Bolivia" The Peruvian Corporation Ltd.

"Peru" International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (1930)

"A Sketch for Capitalists, Tradesmen, and Settlers. A report on the industries

that can be developed and on those that might be introduced" Department of

Public Works, Lima (1903)

"Guia. Lima-Arequipa-Cusco Machu Piechu-Punto" Corporation

Nacionale de Turismo

"Guida Illustrata del Peru per Industriali Capitalisti ed Emigranti Italiani" (1903)

"Peru: Archaeological Museum" Oficina de Propaganda, Publicaciones y

Cultura of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Peru

"Peru: Highways" Oficina de Propaganda, Publicaciones y

Cultura of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Peru

"Peru: Transportation" Oficina de Propaganda, Publicaciones y

Cultura of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Peru

"Peru: Old Highways of the Incas" Oficina de Propaganda, Publicaciones y

Cultura of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Peru

The Philippines

"The Philippines: Land of Palm and Pine"

"Information for Travellers Landing at Manila" Thomas Cook and Son (1916)


"Sunny Portugal" Portuguese Government Tourist Department (1913)


"Rhodes: The Island of Roses" Italian State Tourist Department (1933)

"Rhodes" (3 copies)


"Information for Visitors to Victoria Falls" Rhodesia Railways (1929)

Santo Domingo

"Santo Domingo—The Island Luxuriant" Clyde Steamship Company


"Travel News from Scandinavia" Nyman and Schultz Travel Bureau, Ltd.


"The Trossachs via Aberfoyle and Loch Lomond" London and North Eastern


"Land of Scott and Border Abbeys" London and North Eastern Railway

"The Romance of Scotland" Associated British Railways (1935)

"How to See Scotland" Thomas Cook and Son, Ltd. (1930)

"The Romance of Scotland" The London and North Eastern Railway by

Basil M. Bazley

"Scotland" London and North Eastern Railway

"Looking at Scotland" London and North Eastern Railway

"Hotels in Western Highlands and Isle of Skye" London and North Eastern

Railway (st 1935)

"Scottish National War Memorial: Official Guide" by F.W. Deas

Committee of the Scottish National War Memorial (st 1935)

"The Royal Route through the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland"

David MacBrayne, Ltd.

"Strathpeffer Spa: In the Highlands of Scotland" (st 1941)

"Visit Scotland: The Land of Romance" by the Anchor Line

"Scottish Motor Tours" Scottish Motor Traction Co.

"Melrose Abbey: notes, descriptive and historical" by J. Wass (1890)

"St. Andrews Castle and Cathedral: 12 photographs" Ancient Monuments


Sierra Leone

"Sierre Leone" British Information Services (2 copies)

Soviet Union/Russia

"Visit the USSR" Intourist

"Seeing the USSR" Intourist

"Mountaineering in USSR" Intourist (3 copies)

"The Open Road in Soviet Russia" The Open Road Inc. (1932)

"Tours in the Soviet Union" Intourist (st 1938)

"Cruising the Volga—Tours in the Soviet Union" Intourist (st 1932)

"Seeing the USSR" Intourist (st 1932)

"Seeing the Soviet Union" Intourist (1933)

"Leningrad" Intourist

"Crimea" Intourist

"Winter Tours in the Soviet Union" Intourist (st 1934)

"Economic Survey Tour of the USSR" Hamburg-American Line (1934)

"Fifth Russian Seminar w/ Jerome Davis and George M. Day" Bureau of

University Travel (1937)


"Spain: Toledo and its Province" Comisaria Regia del Turismo (2 copies)

"Seville" International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, Bureau of

Information Pro-España (one st 1928, one no date)

"Spain: Granada, Má;age amd Almeria" Comisaria Regia del Turismo

(2 copies)

"Spain: Valencia and Murcia" Comisaria Regia del Turismo (2 copies)

"Spain: The Canary Islands" Comisaria Regia del Turismo

"Spain: Córdova and Jaén" Comisaria Regia del Turismo

"Spain" by F. J. Sánchez Cantón (st 1935)

"Valencia" Bureau of Information Pro-España (1927)

"Burgos and Soria" Comisaria Regia del Turismo

"Cáceres and Badajóz" Comisaria Regia del Turismo

"Tarragona and Lérida" Comisaria Regia del Turismo

"Barcelona and its Province" Comisaria Regia del Turismo

"Avila and Segovia" Comisaria Regia del Turismo

"Salamanca and Zamora" Comisaria Regia del Turismo

"León and its Province" Comisaria Regia del Turismo

"Spain and Portugal" Pan American

St. Thomas-St. Johns

"Virgin Islands Magazine"

"St. Thomas DWI" Charles Edwin Tayor (1905)


"Fritze’s Little Guide to Stockholm" (1937)

"Stockholm: guide" Swedish Traffic Association

"Stockholm and its Environs" by Ferdinand Heyl (1902)

"Your Guide in Stockholm" Swedish Tourist Traffic Association (1948)

"How to Feel at Home in Sweden: A Guide for Visitors from Abroad w/

Glossary of Foords, Drinks, and Commons Words" Swedish Tourist Traffic

Association (1949)

"A Pocket Guide to Gothenburg Sweden" Swedish American Line (1949)

"Stockholm of Today: Life and Progress in Sweden’s Capital" Statistical

Office of the city of Stockholm (1939)

"Visby: The Town of Ruins and Roses/Isle of Gotland: The Pearl of

the Baltic" (1925)


"To the Sources of the Rhine—The Grisons Oberland" (st 1932—2copies)

"Holidays on the Rhine" L. Schwenn

"St. Moritz" Engadine

"Thun" by Hans Gustav Keller (1949—2 copies)

"Switzerland" Swiss Federal Railways (1923)

"Map of Lucerne"

"Mt. Pilatus brochure"

"Die Schweiz" (1913)

"Switzerland—a little guide through the most beautiful parts of Switzerland"

Union of Swiss Inquiry Offices (1910)

"International Monument of Reformation/Hotel Royal Savoy"

"Bernese Oberland-Valais Loetschberg Railway" (st 1951)


"The Wonderland of Trinidad" The Barber Asphalt Paving Company (1914)


"Tunisia and the Tunisian South by Motor Cars" by H. Catelan (2 copies)

Union of South Africa

"Valentine’s Snapshots—Cape Town #1"

"Tour South Africa" South African Railways and Harbours (1926)

"Union of South Africa, Transvaal Province"


"Yugoslavia" Official Tourist Bureau for the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1939)




The Orient

"My Trip to the Orient" (2 copies)

"Japan-China the Philippines and ‘Round the World’ via Seattle" American

Mail Line and Dollar Steamship Line

"Oriental Tours" H.W. Dunning and Company (1911—2 copies)

"How I Toured the Orient for Five Hundred Dollars" by W.C. Bunner (2 copies)

"Oriental Steamship Company: New Steamers Tenyo Maru Chiyo Maru"

"The Orient Line Fleet" (1913)

"American Mail Line/Dollar Steamship Line Trans-Pacific Service" (1927)

"Oriental Calendar 1921: A Year’s Tour in the East" The American Asiatic


"To the Orient from Seattle" Admiral Oriental Line

"Oriental Steamship Line Company"

"Round the World via the Orient and Europe" Dollar Steamship Line (1935)

"Round the World by way of the Orient, Egypt, and Mediterranean" Dollar

Steamship Line

South America

"South America: The Land of Opportunity. General Information for Travelers"

Lamport and Holt Line

"Pictorial South America" (1941)

"Round South America"

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