City Planning Commission

Accession Number: SC 17:34
Location: RB-M
Dates: 1911-1990
Size: 1 record carton, 1 slim legal Hollinger; 1.2 cubic feet
Creator/Collector: Unknown
Acquisition info: Unknown
Accruals: No accruals expected
Custodial history: Unknown
Language: English
Processed by: Melissa Miller, December 2017
Conservation notes: Some items removed from binders; all items placed in acid-free folders
Scope and Content: The collection contains various records from the St. Louis City Plan Commission’s early years. Items included are correspondence, charter amendments, city data, and meeting minutes. Much of the correspondence and items relate to civil engineer, Harland Bartholomew.
Arrangement: Collection organized alphabetically by type of object or document
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City Planning Commission
1 record carton, 1 slim legal Hollinger; 1.2 cubic feet

Box/Folder Description
1/1 Finding Aid
1/2 Annual Budget

-Financial statements; September 1931-1945 (15)

-Correspondence; December 1931-June 1955 (16)

-Newspaper clippings; April-May 1932

-Proposed budget; 1932 (3)

-Handwritten notes; 1932-1933 (8)

-Annual budget chart; 1947 (2)

1/3 Harland Bartholomew

-Newspaper clippings; March 1937-September 1986 (2)

-Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate; June 1943-December 1944 (2)

-Correspondence; July 1950-December 1954 (11)

-Position Classification Questionnaire; July 1950 (2)

-Change in Employee Status; August 1950-December 1954 (3)

-Employee Service Rating; January 1952-January 1955 (5)

-Book by EF Porter, Jr.; published by SLPL; 1990

-Portrait photocopies (3)

-San Jose Civic Center plan

-Spanish Lake Park plan
-Tenure information

1/4 Board of Freeholders Interim Reports; 1956-1957 (3)
1/5 Charts

-City Charter Comparison Planning Positions; 1949 (4)

-Expenditures; 1916-1954 (3)

-St. Louis Organizational Structure of Municipal Government; 1956 (2)

1/6 City Government

-1956-1957 Board of Freeholders Charter

-Newspaper clippings; May 1969-January 1971 (8)

-Nation’s Cities; November 1970

-Memo; October 1971

-Mayoral release; January 1972

-Governmental Strategy edited manuscript

-Handwritten note

-The Role of City Government edited manuscript

1/7 City-County Merger, Correspondence; January 1957-July 1971 (33)
1/8 City-County Merger, Misc. Papers

-Recommendations of the Automobile Club of Missouri; July 1958

-American Institute of Planners manuscript; August 1958

-Special Metroplex Assembly Ballot; October 1959

-An Analysis of the Proposed City-County Borough Plan; December 1961

-"Regional Reform" manuscript; September 1972

-Analysis of Operational Provisions of Borough Plan

-City-County McCandless

-Defects of Borough Plan

-Excerpts from "Path of Progress for Metropolitan St. Louis"

-For City-County Cooperation

-Handwritten notes

-Pertinent Sections from Proposed Plan of the Greater St. Louis City-County District as They Relate to the Planning Function (3)

-Proposal map

1/9 City-County Merger, Newspaper Clippings; March 1958-December 1972 (78)
1/10 City-County Merger, Publications

-Mind Your Business; October 1926

-Proposed Charter of the City of St. Louis; May 1957 (2)

-Taking a Fresh Look at Public Transit brochure; August 1958

-Proposed Plan of the Greater St. Louis City-County District; November 1959

-The Merger of a Metropolis; BGR; March 1968 (3)

-St. Louis City-County Relations: A Chronology; MRL News; March 1968

-Article VI-A (2)

1/11 City-County Merger, Statements; July 1958-November 1962 (9)
1/12 City Plan Commission, History and Information

-Suggested new ordinance; March 1911

-Ordinances; 1911-1927 (10)

-Accomplishments; 1919

-History of City Planning in St. Louis; 1919

-Reports Issued; September 1920

-Index to Social and Economic Studies of the City of St. Louis; 1930-1938

-Newspaper clippings; October 1931-February 1946 (23)

-Correspondence; April 1933-December 1941

-The City Plan Association/The City Plan Commission; 1934

-Report of Rules and Regulation Committee; October 1937

-Reports Prepared; July 1939

-Proposed Ordinance; 1940

-Rules and Regulations; March 1943 (7)

-Meeting minutes; November 1954

-Proposed Rules and Regulations

1/13 City Plan Commission Charter, Correspondence; June 1949-July 1957 (37)
1/14 City Plan Commission Charter, Information

-Chapter 11, City Plan Commission

-City Plan Commission documents (7)

-Mayoral press release; August 1958

-Meeting minutes; July-October 1956 (4)

-Model City Charter, Article VIII

-Newspaper clippings; October 1949 (3)

-Planning, Zoning, and Housing Article (7)

-Proposed Charter of the City of St. Louis; June 1950

-Telephone poll results; July 1957

-“Your City and Your Family” brochure

1/15 Comprehensive City Plan, 1947; 85 pages
1/16 East-West Gateway Coordinating Council

-Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis press release; October 1972

-Gateway Council Report newsletter; September-October 1972 (3)

-KMOX Editorials; December 1972 (5)

-Land Use report; September 1972

-Newspaper clippings; April 1970-March 1973 (14)

-Resolution notes

1/17 Housing Proposal 1970 Newspaper Clippings; July 1970-Febraury 1971 (18)
1/18 Meeting Minutes, September-December 1915
1/19 Meeting Minutes, January-June 1916
1/20 Meeting Minutes, July-December 1916
1/21 Meeting Minutes, January-March 1917
1/22 Meeting Minutes, April-September 1917
1/23 Metropolitan Research

-“Action in Metropolis” booklet; 1963
-“Chronic Overlapping” booklet; 1960
-“Forms of Municipal Government” booklet 1963
-Indianapolis HUD Challenge; 1971

-Newspaper clippings; May 1969-April 1972 (6)

-Toronto HUD Challenge; May 1971

1/24 Miscellaneous Papers

-City Charter Amendment Election fact sheet

-City Plan Commission Annual Report; 1916

-City planning provisions for Cincinnati, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco; June 1949

-Downtown St. Louis postcards (3)

-Governmental Affairs Newsletter; June 1973

-Los Angeles Charter Amendments; June 1949

-"The Municipal Bridge of St. Louis" booklet; August 1922

-"St. Louis…Let’s Do It Nov. 8th!" comic book

1/25 Newspaper Clippings, April-August 1971; contains index
1/26 Newspaper Clippings, August-November 1971; contains index
1/27 Newspaper Clippings, March-July 1973
1/28 Personnel Information

-City Plan Commission personnel lists; 1945 (3)

-Correspondence; April 1944-January 1951 (17)

-Daily Time Records; March 1960 (5)

-Handwritten note

-Personnel Data for Ten Large American Cities; 1945

-Salaries and expenses list; December 1944

-Salary worksheet information

-Suggested reorganization of staff; November 1944

1/29 Salaries; 1934-1947 (15)
1/30 State Reform

-Correspondence; May 1972

-"Management Office Can Correct State Weaknesses" bulletin; August 1972

-Mayoral statement; November 1963

-Mayoral testimony transcript; February 1971

-Newspaper clippings; April 1970-September 1972 (16)

-"Voters Have Spoken; Path to State Efficiency is Plain" bulletin; August 1972

2/1 River Des Peres Drainage Problem Report; December 1916
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