Board of Directors Meeting – June 5, 2023

In attendance were Vincent Volpe, President, presiding; and Keith Savage, Vice President, and Jacque Land, and David Sweeney; John Dubinsky and Janet Rainford attended virtually. 

Also present were Chief Executive Officer Waller McGuire and staff members Maryann Brickey, Tiffany Davis, Jon Drakesmith, Amanda Endicott, Amber Gordon, Cathy Heimberger, Liz McArthur, Mary Meyer, Daisy Porter-Reynolds, Justin Struttmann, Liz Reeves, Jim Slattery, Jen Wiese, and Lisa Stump, Lashly & Baer. 

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by President Volpe. 

Mr. Land's motion, seconded by Mr. Sweeney, to approve the minutes of the April 3, 2023 meeting was approved. 

Chief Executive Officer's Report:
Mr. McGuire reported that a customer had thanked Baden staff after his son had been prevented from an accident with a gun by a gun lock provided by the Baden staff. Baden gave away 50 gun locks in April alone; the Library gave away 256. 

The Library has been approved to install a major upgrade and refurbishment of our network and wifi system through the federal E-rate program The application and bid, made by the Technology Services department, was approved for $560,000, leaving the Library's cost as $99,389.04. This major upgrade will result in greatly improved service at all SLPL locations and over the web, and replace aging network equipment. 

Mr. Savage asked about network security under the new system. Mr. McGuire responded that the Library has added several new layers of security in the last year. Mr. Drakesmith attended the world's primary online security conference again this year - RSA in San Francisco - and is continuing to update security on the basis of what he learned there. We have a series of sophisticated backup systems in place as well. Nothing is guaranteed in today's environment, particularly in a network that by definition and mission is open, but Mr. McGuire believes we are as well protected as any library in the U.S. 

Mr. Slattery went over two months of financial reports, reporting that April tax revenue is down slightly compared to last year, and he is monitoring this to make certain it is an anomaly and not a trend. YTD tax revenue is higher than last year. Operating expenses are in line with the budget at 57.9%. Bond interest and principal payment of $1,530,650 have been made for the current year. Salary increases went into effect in April and benefit costs are higher than last year, as expected. E-Rate reimbursements will be received in August. Mr. Dubinsky asked about the placement of the Library's cash investments to take best advantage of current rates, including Treasury Bills. Mr. Slattery summarized deposits and investments through Bank of America, USBank, and MOSIP made to keep necessary funds liquid while earning the most interest available under the state investment requirements.

Ms. Reeves reported on Foundation activity, including the Dana Brown Foundation commitment and the process the Foundation and CFO had gone through to bid out Foundation investment services. 

Ms. Wiese reported on 2 months of HR information. Work is beginning on negotiating benefit costs for the coming year. Recruiting is going reasonably well. Ms. Wiese will be attending the SHRM conference - the national meeting of HR professionals - and will be able to compare the Library to other organizations and businesses. 

Mr. McGuire informed the Board that limits on five SLPL credit cards are being increased from $5000 to $7500: Waller McGuire, Justin Struttmann, Daisy Porter-Reynolds, and Jon Drakesmith. Jim Slattery is being increased to $10,000. 

New Business:
Mr. McGuire stated that staff had examined Library policies to determine what needed to be changed to keep the Library eligible for funds distributed by the Missouri Secretary of State under the new Administrative Rule 15 CSR 30-200.015. Staff has met with the Missouri State Library, the St. Louis County Library, and other libraries across the state to determine the best ways to meet the new Secretary of State rule. Three policies need revision to meet the rule: 

The Circulation Policy 

The Collection Development Policy 

The Meeting Room Policy 

These policies are key to the Library's mission. He asked Ms. Porter-Reynolds to go over the draft changes as distributed to the Board; the Board can consider them during the next month, and they will be brought up for vote at the July Board of Directors meeting. Changes need to be in place by July 31, 2023, to meet the Secretary's rule. 

Ms. Porter-Reynolds went over the proposed changes to all three policies as included in the marked drafts sent to Board members the prior week. 

Mr. Savage asked how the requirements would be audited. Ms. Stump said that the legal requirement is that the Library have these policies in place, so there is a legal argument that if we have the policies in place, we are in compliance. Mr. McGuire stated that he would be required to certify the policies are in place each year in filings with the Secretary's office. 

Mr. McGuire stated that he was asking the Board's permission to close the Library on December 31st, 2023, which is a Sunday, since New Years Eve will bring very little visitation. The happenstance of the date was overlooked with the holiday schedule already approved by the Board. 

Mr. Sweeney's motion, seconded by Mr. Savage, that the Library be closed on Sunday, December 31, 2023, was approved. 

At 6:25 Mr. Sweeney moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Mr. Land. The motion was approved. 

At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Public Library on June 5, 2023 the following actions were taken:

Mr. Land moved:


that the Board approve the minutes of the April 3, 2023 meeting. MOTION APPROVED 
(In favor, Mr. Volpe, Mr. Savage, Mr. Land, Ms. Rainford and Mr. Sweeney.) 
Mr. Sweeney moved: that the Board approve closing the Library for the December 31, 2023, New Year's Eve holiday. MOTION APPROVED 
(In favor, Mr. Volpe, Mr. Savage, Mr. Land, Ms. Rainford and Mr. Sweeney.) 
Mr. Sweeney moved: that the meeting be adjourned. MOTION APPROVED 
(In favor, Mr. Volpe, Mr. Savage, Mr. Land, Ms. Rainford and Mr. Sweeney.) 
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