Board of Directors Meeting – July 11, 2022

Virtual Meeting 

In attendance were Vince Volpe, Vice-President, presiding; and John Dubinsky, Alison Ferring, Janet Rainford, Keith Savage, and Tom Schlafly. 

Also present were Chief Executive Officer Waller McGuire and staff members Maryann Brickey; Tiffany Davis, Jon Drakesmith, Cathy Heimberger, Mary Meyer, Daisy Porter-Reynolds, Anna Strackeljahn, Joe Monahan; Justin Struttmann, Jen Wiese, Liz Reeves, and Lisa Stump, Lashly & Baer. 

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Vice-President Volpe. 

Mr. Schlafly's motion, seconded by Mr. Savage, to approve the minutes of the May 2, 2022 meeting was approved. 

Public Comment:
No public comment was received for the July 2022 meeting. 

Mr. McGuire summarized a news article he included in the Board packet outlining developments at the Mid-Continent Public Library, the largest public library in Missouri. 

Chief Executive Officer's Report:
The computers and hotspots from the first round of Emergency Connectivity Fund have all been checked out and are in public hands: 4000 computers and 4000 hotspots. The Library applied for a second round of funding and our entire proposal has been funded. The original 4000 hotspots will now be funded for an additional year; 1500 additional Chromebooks have been funded; and an additional 8000 hotspots have been approved. Altogether, round two has been fully approved and the Library has received more than $6 million in ECF funding, and every cent has been spent on equipment to be placed in public hands. 

The Confluence Academy is working on a bond issue that will consolidate their debt, which will include the north condominium connected to 1415 Olive Street. This would pay off the debt on the north condominium owed to the Library: approximately $3.4 million. This would be good news for the Library. The Business Office and Lashly & Baer are examining the numbers and requirements. There is no Board action required at this point: the process was approved by the Board in earlier agreements. The budget reports documents two-thirds of the fiscal year. William Jackson reported that revenue is tracking slightly ahead of what was projected. On the expense side the budget is overall tracking on budget. The Library will be paying approximately $2.2 million for debt service in 2022, as budgeted. Jen Weise reported that Human Resources activities are tracking normally. There was Board discussion about ways of reaching out to the immigrant community for job opportunities. Liz Reeves summarized the Foundation report that was sent out last week. Stranger Than Fiction was the best gala in terms of net income since 2013. The Foundation is working on 

funding the Where Did You Go to High School exhibit based on the Library’s Prom Magazine collection. Mr. McGuire mentioned that the CEO Monthly Report includes interesting information about the public accessing digital “items” through the website, including some of the Library's most unusual and remarkable special collections. 

The Board President will be forming a Nominating Committee to recommend a slate of officers in September to be voted upon in October. The Fiscal Affairs Committee will be reviewing the proposed budget to be presented to the Board in September. Mr. Struttmann led the Board through an update on construction throughout the system, including the north parking garage project; the 15th & Olive parking lot upgrade; major Ameren projects going on around Central Library; and the extensive work going at Julia Davis Library, including HVAC and lighting energy upgrades as well as the major Creative Experience work, which has involved construction throughout the library. 

Executive Session:
Vice President Volpe called for a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss identifiable personnel record. Mr. Dubinsky moved to go into executive session, seconded by Ms. Ferring. Vince Volpe, John Dubinsky, Alison Ferring, Janet Rainford, Keith Savage, and Tom Schlafly, unanimously approved the motion to go into Executive Session. 

At 6:25 p.m. the Board came out of Executive Session and Mr. Schafly moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Mr. Savage. The motion was approved unanimously. 

At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Public Library on July 11, 2022, the following actions were taken: 

M. Schlafly moved that the Board approve the minutes of the May 2, 2022 meeting. MOTION APPROVED
(In favor Mr. Volpe, Mr. Dubinsky, Ms. Ferring, Mr. Land, Mr. Savage, and Mr. Schlafly) 
Mr. Dubinsky moved: that the Board go into Executive Session to discuss personnel records. MOTION APPROVED BY ROLL-CALL VOTE
(In favor Mr. Volpe, Mr. Dubinsky, Ms. Ferring, Ms. Rainford, Mr. Savage, and Mr. Schlafly) 
Mr. Schlafly moved:  that be meeting be adjourned. MOTION APPROVED
(In favor Mr. Volpe, Ms. Ferring, Ms. Rainford, Mr. Savage, and Mr. Schlafly) 
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