Keeping St. Louis Connected During the Season of Giving

Did you know?

St. Louis City is ranked among the lowest in the country for digital access. It is reported that 37 percent — over 50,000 households — do not have access to high speed internet.

In addition to having generally low connectivity, St. Louis City has a high disparity of household connectivity among geographic areas. For example, 44 percent of households north of Delmar Avenue do not have in-home internet access. 

More information about the Digital Divide in St. Louis.

Why Digital Access is important...

In the midst of a global pandemic, with school closures and rising unemployment coupled with social distancing regulations and guidelines, online access proves no longer a luxury but, rather, essential. Quickly, digital access and online capability is a necessity in order to participate in the world - whether applying for jobs, receiving medical care, attending school, buying groceries and staying informed on current news and information. 

Why support SLPL when it comes to the Digital Divide?

SLPL employs knowledgeable and highly trained staff to provide one-on-one tech support and professional assistance. These staff members are available to help with setup of online accounts, downloading eBooks and music, searching for jobs online, using social media and much more. Furthermore, SLPL is already working in areas of the City where low connectivity is a problem, and therefore are in a position to address community needs.

How You Can Help…

By making a gift to the St. Louis Public Library (SLPL) you are supporting the purchase of WiFi Hotspots and Chromebooks available free for checkout at SLPL locations. Without digital resources like internet connectivity, many in our community have limited access to school, doctors, employment and news of our ever-changing world.

Please consider making a gift to the St. Louis Public Library Foundation and help keep St. Louis connected.