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April 2021

Your Name Is A Song

Saddened by her classmates and teacher's mispronunciations of her name, a girl is empowered by her discovery that names are like songs when she and her mom celebrate the musicality of African, Asian, Black-American, Latinx, and Middle Eastern names.

October 2020

Creepy Carrots!

The carrots that grow in Crackenhopper Field are the fattest and crispiest around and Jasper Rabbit cannot resist pulling some to eat each time he passes by until he begins hearing and seeing creepy carrots wherever he goes.  

Creepy Pair of Underwear!

A young rabbit is frightened by his underwear.

Rescuing Mrs. Birdley

Self-proclaimed animal expert Miranda Montgomery sees her teacher at the grocery store and decides to return her to her natural habitat, the classroom. 

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October 2019
Stack the Cats
"Cats of all shapes and sizes scamper, yawn, and stretch across the pages of this playful counting book. And every now and then, some of them pile into the purrfect cat stack!"

March 2019
Grandma's Purse
"When Grandma Mimi comes to visit, her granddaughter cannot wait to see what treasures she has hidden in her purse."

October 2018
Bus! Stop!
"A boy who has just missed his bus waits for the next one, but the vehicles that arrive at his stop do not look at all like the one he missed, and the riders who get on them are not quite what he expects either.

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