Read Down Your Fines

Have Library fines but no money to pay them off? Your St. Louis Public Library is here to help! We don’t want your money, we want you to read. That’s why back in 2007 we created a program called Read Down Your Fines.

The program is simple. For every 30 minutes you spend reading in the Library, you earn one Library Buck. Each Buck is worth $1 toward paying off your fines and charges.

Teens up to age 17 can earn a maximum of two Library Bucks per day. After you earn them, you can pay off your fines a little at a time or save until you get a total of five ($5) and pay off your fines. Just remember, you can only use $5 worth of Library Bucks per day.

All it takes is a good book and a little effort to Read Down Your Fines!

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