Top 5 places to enjoy a book this spring

We finally did it! We made it through the winter (which doesn’t mean that much when you take St. Louis weather into consideration, but we digress). It could be said that there are few greater pleasures in life than snuggling up next to the fireplace on a snowy winter night with a good book, but that doesn’t mean that spring is without its own charming settings to lose yourself in during your next novel undertaking.

Here are five of our favorites!

1.) At the park on a sunny day
Self-explanatory really, right? Just the blue sky, a light breeze, the green grass, the birds chirping...and you and your book! Bring along a nice beverage for the journey, and you’ve got yourself a perfect afternoon.

2.) In bed during a storm
If there’s severe weather like we’re sometimes prone to have, you should probably pay attention to any potential tornado sirens, but just a simple rain with some crackling thunder in the background? That’s prime reading weather!

3.) While traveling for vacation
Have spring break plans? Hopefully! If you’ve got a long airplane trip or car ride ahead of you (if you’re the driver or pilot, we recommend one of our many audiobooks), why not put that time to good use while reading a story? Before you know it, you’ll be in Florida -- or Idaho, or wherever it is that you’re going.

4.) By the pool
Did you spend all winter getting shredded for the pool? We didn’t either, but just as you shouldn’t skip leg day in the gym, don’t skip brain day -- and brain day is everyday when you read! Give your brain a top workout while lounging poolside in the sunshine for a relaxing and productive learning experience.

5.) The St. Louis Public Library!
Did you really think we were going to leave this one off? How silly! Your St. Louis Public Library is a great spot anytime of year. Visit one of our 16 Branches and choose from more than 4 million items, including books, magazines, newspapers, movies, music and audiobooks available for your enjoyment.