Patrons Find Fitness and Family at Schlafly

To Pat Clark, the Step for Fitness group is family.

The faces may change from week to week, but there’s always the same feeling of excitement, acceptance and a willingness to help one another along.

They meet every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in auditorium at the Schlafly Branch, 225 North Euclid Avenue, turning the music up and sharing their passion for health, wellness and a simple love of dancing.

Step for Fitness was created over a decade ago as a way for women to escape their doldrums and combat heart disease. Many of the women who now attend Step for Fitness, learned about it from their local churches in the Central West End.

Pat started Step for Fitness at Lane Tabernacle Church over ten years ago. When the program was looking for a new home, the Schlafly Branch was a blessing. The Branch has provided a large, safe space for the program to meet and the staff is incredibly welcoming to the group.

Often they have groups of more than 50 people, male and female, all shapes, sizes and ability levels, coming together for two hours to workout and have fun.

Pat has reaped major benefits, dropping four sizes, and the community is feeling the ripple effect as well. Many of the women who volunteer or attend Step for Fitness regularly teach in other locations, passing along their passion for wellness.

Step for Fitness is free and open to anyone.