My Card, My Way

St. Louis Public Library and St. Louis County Library are working together to spread awareness about the services and resources offered at the Library.

The My Card, My Way campaign features real patrons telling their stories and how they use the Library.

Here are their stories: 

Nicholas: "Without the Creative Experience at the Central Library, I don't know where I would be. I used my studio time to teach myself to play the piano. A member of the Library staff had heard me play one day. He referred me to this program called Pianos for People. They gave me two free teachers, an upright piano and a mentor. St. Louis Public Library has opened up the world to me. My name is Nicholas, It's My Card, My Way!" #MYCARDMYWAY #SLPL 

Matt: "Tattooing use to be more of a culture, but now it's definitely more of an industry. At the beginning of my career as an artist, I used the Library heavily for reference material, but as my career grew, I needed to know more about the business aspects and that's how the Library has pulled that scary fog away from becoming an entrepreneur. Matt Hodel, My Card, My Way!" #MYCARDMYWAY #SLPL

 "When moving to St. Louis, we looked at Libraries before a house. On weekends we Library hop for a diverse selection of books…I'm Deepu Mathew, It's My Card, My Way! #MYCARDMYWAY #SLPL #SLCL

Tucker: "Data is the new currency, and the Library has allowed us to economize our customer acquisition cost per click…I'm Tucker and I'm Dan, It's My Card, My Way!" #MYCARDMYWAY #SLPL #SLCL

Rachel and Jen: "The modern Library is like two sides of the same coin. I'm a traditionalist, paper all the way." "No way, digital downloads." "It's My Card, My Way!" #MYCARDMYWAY #SLPL #SLCL

Ivonne: "My son is currently learning English. When he first joined us from Honduras, he was receiving Ds. A Librarian introduced us to Mango, which is free through your local Library. And now he's receiving As and Bs… I'm Ivonne Artica. It's My Card, My Way! #MYCARDMYWAY #SLPL #SLCL

What is your Library story? Send us your stories to or post them to social media using the hashtag #MyCardMyWay