2018 Comics University at Central Library

St. Louis Public Library presents the 4th Annual Comics University every Wednesday, June 6- July 11, (except where noted) comic experts discuss different facets of the industry.
Workshops and classes will take place from 7-8:30 p.m. at Central Library, 1301 Olive Street.

June 6 / The Editorial Process presented by Joseph Illidge / Creative Experience
Joseph Illidge, executive editor of Valiant Entertainment, will talk about the Editorial process, focusing on three things: what an editor does, the need for an editor; and understanding the different disciplines of art required to make comic books. 

June 13 / Persepolis presented by Steven Higgins / Carnegie Room
This session will focus on the critically acclaimed graphic novel “Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi, examining the context, analyzing characters and exploring symbolism.

June 20 / Small Press, Mini-Comics, and Zines presented by Bianca Xunise / Creative Experience
Want to have your voice heard? Have a great idea for a short comic? Start a zine! Together we’ll learn about small press, mini-comics, and zines, and start the process of making our own!

June 27 / History of Horror Comics presented by Jonathan Norfleet / Carnegie Room
A History of Horror Comics will take you on a crash course through the origins of the genre, how it has influenced pop culture and how they have changed over the years to become the current product of today.

July 5 / Publishing and Pitching presented by Wendy Xu / Creative Experience
What goes into a successful pitch? Creator Wendy Xu will walk you through the finer points of putting your story together into a proposal for a literary agent. (Due to the holiday, this event takes place on Thursday.)

July 11 / Top 50 World Comics presented by Dan Yezbick / Carnegie Room
From American comics to Italian Fumetti, French BD, and Japanese manga, sequential narratives continue to delight audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Please join us for a bold World Tour of the best comics ever conceived. 

Participants will receive a Star Clipper Punch Card. Every punch on the card guarantees 10% off any full price comic the night of the class. After getting all 6 punches, participants will get a certificate of completion, a $10 gift card to Star Clipper, and a comics University 2018 t-shirt!