Reading Begins Now

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” - Margaret Fuller

Help support early childhood literacy in St. Louis. Children in St. Louis City continue to struggle with low literacy rates due to inequities, lack of access to information resources, and the impact of a global pandemic.

At St. Louis Public Library (SLPL) we are committed to providing families access to the tools that will help them support and lead their children towards a bright future. As a leader in youth literacy, SLPL works to provide essential services to support families where they are at, and nurture the next generation of curious and engaged readers.

St. Louis Public Library believes literacy begins at birth. We provide children their first book through Born to Read Bags distributed at hospitals and health clinics throughout the City. As children grow, the library continues to foster literacy with free programming such as storytimes at early childhood care centers, 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, summer programming and much more.

Your support allows St. Louis Public Library to meet the literacy needs of our youngest readers. We rely on your help to provide free books, early childhood programming and outreach services for thousands of St. Louis children. Please consider making a gift today.

Thank you.

Stats Beyond the Stacks: Youth Programming @ SLPL

  • 3,600 Born to Read Bags distributed in Spanish and English
  • 470 Storytimes delivered at daycare centers
  • 2,953 kids and teens completed summer reading challenge
  • 908 campers participated in 77 summer camps
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