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Birth-5 Years Old

Celebrate Black Families

Celebrate Black History Month by reading these picture books depicting black families for every age. Sarah from Schlafly Library

K-Grade 3

Wild and Wacky (or Just Plain Funny)

In honor of Dr. Seuss's March 2nd birthday and his preference for wild and wacky, these 2020 picture books, early readers...

Grades 4-6

Cool With School

Looking for a good school story? Check out some of the books on this list.


Book vs. Movie

Does the book or the movie reign supreme? Here are some popular young adult novels and their movie counterparts...

Non-Fiction & STEAM

Bringing Black History to Life

Explore the trials and triumphs of Black life in these interactive stories from historians, archaeologists, and activists.

Diverse & Inclusive

9 Trans or Gender Non-Conforming Books for Kids

Parents will be happy to know that there are many wonderful books with transgender or gender non-conforming characters ...
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