Can you tell me more about the Recording Room in Creative Experience?

The Recording Room features a PC computer with two screens running Windows 10 and loaded with audio production software. An audio interface with headphones, monitors, and two Yeti Pro USB mics with variable pickup patterns are set up and ready for use, and users can check out additional SM 58 microphones and stands, instrument cables and various connectors. An M-Audio 88-key MIDI keyboard is also available and ready to use. In addition to producing music, users can record podcasts, oral histories, spoken word poetry and other audio projects.

Audio Production software list as of January 2019:

  • Ableton Live 10 Intro- Record and sequence audio and MIDI
  • Adobe Audition CC- Audio recording, mixing, and restoration
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC- Professional video production and editing software; use in Tandem with Audition for tracking sound for video
  • Audacity- Record and edit audio (Open Source/freeware)
  • Callnote Pro- Record skype conversations
  • FL Studio 20, Signature Edition- Record, edit, and mix audio and MIDI; especially good for creating beats and loops. (Image Line)
  • Magix Music Maker- Create electronic music in an easy-to-use interface (Vegas)
  • Pro Tools 12- Record, edit, and mix audio and MIDI (Avid)
  • QuickTime-Audio and video capture and playback (freeware)
  • Roxio Creator NXT 5- Create and author CDs and DVDs (Corel)
  • Skype- Video calling software (freeware)
  • Studio One 4- Record, edit, and mix audio and MIDI (PreSonus)
  • VLC- Play audio and video (Open Source/ freeware)
  • Windows Media Player- Play audio and video; view images (Windows)

A binder in the room provides instructions for basic audio and MIDI recording in the room, and some reference manuals are available as well. Additionally, users can access through the Library’s website for in-depth tutorials about each program. To reserve the recording room, call 314-241-2288 or ask Creative Experience staff to help you. Please contact the Creative Experience Specialist with any additional questions: or 314-880-8593.