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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

What is Discord?

  • Discord is a free app that allows users to communicate via text, voice, or video in real-time, and is available as a mobile app, a PC program, or on any web browser.
  • Users can join “servers” where they can communicate through text in a “text channel” or through video or voice chat through “voice channels”. 
  • It was initially marketed as a communications platform for people who play video games but now has grown to become its own social media-like digital hang-out platform.

Is Discord safe?

  • Much like any other social media platform, Discord as a program is about as safe as it can be set. There is always a risk when using anything on the internet, but Discord has several safety settings in the platform, including content and privacy filters, that ensure users can use the platform safely. 
  • Generally, it’s suggested to use the platform to communicate with people that your teens already know offline and to join servers that you trust.

How is the Teen Lounge using Discord?

  • The Teen Lounge at Saint Louis Public Library is using Discord as a digital hang-0ut space and to provide virtual programming for teens in a curated and well-moderated virtual space. 
  • The server may be public, but it is constantly monitored by SLPL’s Teen Services and has safety measures in place to ensure that the server is as safe as possible at all times.
  • Under Discord’s Terms of Service, all users must be “13 years of age and the minimum age of digital consent in your country,” so parents/guardians must register their children under their accounts and be under their supervision when they are on the server.

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What is Discord?

  • Discord is a safe, virtual space where you can hang out online with your favorite teen staff. Think of it as the library on your computer or phone!

Is Discord safe?

  • There is a lot of security and privacy settings on Discord as an app, so we suggest checking those out with a trusted adult before going into a server.

Why should I join the Teen Lounge Discord Server?

  • The Teen Lounge Discord Server is where a lot of us staff will be hosting our teen programs, and where you can interact with your local librarian and friends from the library! 
  • Think of all the activities you can do in the library, but online!

What’s there to do here?

  • Glad you asked! Here are some of the programs happening!
    • Minecraft Live-Streams
    • Movie Nights
    • Teen Chats
    • Video Game Tournaments
    • Teen Volunteer Opportunities
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