What happens when I return my items??

What happens when you bring back materials to the Library? We’re glad you asked!

Currently, we require people to return items in our outside book drops, so we can safely take those materials and quarantine them for 72 hours (96 hours as of July 21). This is why your library account might still show something checked out to you even though you returned it. Don’t worry --- we will check it in after it has been quarantined. Please note: If you checked out a Chromebook, Chromebook bundle or Hotspot, you may bring those in to us inside to return

What happens next? We carefully remove items from our book drops several times per day and bring the items to a quarantine area inside. Some days, we may have only 150 items returned, but some days, there are more than 400 items we bring inside to quarantine! All items are placed into quarantine for 72 hours (96 hours as of July 21) , and then we check them in. Then, once items have been checked in, they are re-shelved so they may be checked out again. We also have items on display, including browsing bundles with multiple items together that may be checked out.

If you come into our building, you will see we are being safe! The Library is following safety guidelines very carefully. Whether at our desks or roving in our building, we wear masks. You will also notice that when you check out materials, staff are behind plexiglas and we frequently wipe down our work areas. Our staff are also frequently cleaning and wiping down the computers in our PC lab.

We are happy to welcome you back to the Library, whether it’s for one hour of computer time, thirty minutes of browsing to choose materials, or quickly coming in to pick up your holds.  Stay tuned for our next installment about how curbside/walkup service works!

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