What are you reading, Tate Foley?

Tate is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Webster University’s Department of Art, Design, and Art History. He has three kids and one amazing wife. Tate's work has been recently exhibited in Vienna, Austria, New York City, Washington D.C., Portland, Saint Louis, Cleveland, and purchased by Toledo Museum of Art, and the UCLA Fine Arts, Yale University, and Reed College libraries.

My favorite book as a child:

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I grew up on the East coast, but in a closed-off rural environment just like Huck. Funny to think that now I live on the Mississippi.

The best book I read for school:

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Absolutely loved it in school. I reread it as an adult and was still amazed by how good it was. And this is the first time I’ve realized the similarities between Hatchet and Huck Finn.

A book I wish I'd written:

JPod by Douglas Coupland.

My literary hero:

C.S. Lewis. His ability to understand the nature of man in relationship to God is constantly astounding.

Worst book you ever read:

Naked Lunch is a book I tried to (and sincerely wanted to) read and just couldn’t get through it. Or into it.

Do you prefer digital or paper books:

I’m a printmaker, so I have an affinity for paper books.

A book I've pretended to have read:

I love the idea that I’ve read the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I couldn’t get through Two Towers. Also Ulysses.

The book people might be surprised to learn I love:

I hope people know how much the Bible has changed my life and spurred creative output.

Books that have influenced my art/music/profession:

Makoto Fujimura’s book Culture Care changed the way I thought about myself as a creator made in the image of God, and to seek and filter cultural and worldly beauty into my art as a meditation of the world and worship of God.

What I'm reading now:

Fahrenheit 451 and Exodus 4.

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