What Are You Reading, Matthew Jackson?

Hello hello, my name is Mathew Jackson.. I currently reside in St. Louis County and I’m 32 years old. By nature I'm a extrovert, by nurture I'm a introvert. I see myself as an aspiring father and on a lifelong journey to be the best version of myself ( i.e. Donovan West). At 32, I am at the period of my life where I am consolidating many of the lessons I learned in my 20's. And thank God! My 20's... were a blur! At least, through it all, I retained the presence of mind to keep reading and learning from the wisdom of others; that was my saving grace. Words are a endless source of novelty for me. I love learning new and relevant things. The abstract is useful and entertaining at times… But there’s something about cold, hard, concrete reality that really inspires me.

My favorite book as a child: Favorite would be hard to say. However, my most memorable book  would be The Blood Red Belt by Robert Oberreich. This book was written around the uncommon friendship between a teenage settler boy and his Indian friend. I have this habit of doing whatever I read in books, and in this book, I learned about signing my name in blood; because that’s how the Indians did it. So naturally, I had a phase where I felt it was my duty to convince my brothers and friends that WE TOO should sign our names in blood.

The best book I read for school: Going with the most memorable again… and school being college... it’d be The Secret Handshake: Mastering the Politics of the Business Inner Circle by Kathleen Reardon, PhD. Naturally, repeating my habit of doing what I read...climbing the corporate ladder was the only thing on my mind after reading that one.

A book I wish I'd written: How to Analyze People on Sight Through the Science of Human Analysis: The Five Human Types by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict. This book, hands down, is the best people-reading book I have ever read!

My literary hero: Donovan West. Donovan West is both a character and pseudonym that I created whose based on the best version of myself. He has all of my strengths and just enough of my weaknesses to make him endearing.

Worst book you've ever read: The irony is that, the worst books never got read. LOL. My college required reads were almost always terrible and yet I had to finish.

Do you prefer digital or paper books: Paper for sure and above that, audio books.

Character in a book that you would be friends with: If we’re talking fiction then there’s a book called The Richest Man in Babylon, which I believe is just a updated spin on King Solomon, the supposed wisest man who ever lived. Wisdom is a good look and aren’t we the average of the five people you spend the most time with? Other than that, no characters buuuut plenty of authors; all intelligent high-performing people in their fields.

A book I've pretended to have read: Besides for school, if it sucks I won’t read it. Haha. 

The book people might be surprised to learn I love: I can’t remember the name of the book, but it was a Harlequin romance. I went through a phase where I thought this was a viable market. As it turns out, writing romances are NOT within my skill set, however, one book did stick with me. It was about a Russian billionaire and a voluptuous temperamental redhead. I know... I know... but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My literary crush: For a while, I had a thing for femme fatales. But, that’s less a person and more an archetype. Can my crush BE an archetype? Haha. 

Books that have influenced my art/music/profession: Lots of psychology books… lots and lots of psychology books. Anthropology, health books written around natural sciences.

What I'm reading now: Buying Customers by Bradley j Sugars. Not sure if I’ll finish this one though… The information is good but the narrator's voice doesn’t appeal to me.

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