Watch Out for Gators and Crocs!

Their scaly, green, and probably mean - check out these books about these two cool reptiles: Alligators and Crocodiles! Which one's which? Can you tell?

AlligatorsAlligators by Adele Richardson

Provides an introduction to alligators, discussing their characteristics, habitat, food, offspring, and dangers. Includes a range map, a life cycle diagram, and more facts.

Snappsy the AlligatorSnappsy the Alligator "Did Not Ask to Be in This book!" by Julie Falatko

Snappsy the alligator finds himself in a book he doesn't want to be in. He leads a quiet, simple life, but the narrator (a chicken who likes to dance and throw parties) purposely misinterprets his every move.

Crocodile!Crocodile! by Willow Clark

Snap! Beware of the crocodile's menacing jaws. This book introduces readers to crocs all around the world and includes information on their habitat, and diet. Photographs point out the animal's unique features, such as its rows of teeth and long, heavy tail.

Alligator or Crocodile?Alligator or Crocodile? by Melissa Stewart

Explains to young readers how to tell the difference between alligators and crocodiles.

Solomon CrocodileSolomon Crocodile by Catherine Rayner

Solomon Crocodile's rough play prevents him from making friends down by the river until a stranger comes stomping through the reeds!

Snip Snap!Snip Snap! by Mara Bergman

Three siblings are frightened by the wide mouth, long teeth, and strong jaws of the alligator who has crept up the stairs--until they decide they have had enough.

Crocodile EncountersCrocodile Encounters! by Brady Barr

Follow along with National Geographic explorer Brady Barr as he crawls into a muddy hole just barely big enough for his shoulders, and comes face to face with thirteen crocodiles!

Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator!Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator! by Mo Willems

Amanda and her alligator have lots of fun together, but when Amanda's grandfather buys her a panda, Alligator must learn to make new friends.

I, CrocodileI, Crocodile by Fred Marcellino

When a Nile crocodile is brought back to Paris by the Emperor Napoleon, it must not only struggle to get enough to eat, but escape from being eaten, too!

Alan's Big, Scary TeethAlan's Big, Scary Teeth by Peter Jarvis

Alan is very scary. He says things like 'I'm big, scary Alan! Fear my razor-sharp teeth!' But all is not as it seems. Alan, you see, has a very BIG (not-so-scary) secret.

Once you're done reading about crocs and gators, why not try out this craft that shows you how to make your own gator?

Alligator Puppets Link

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