U.S., War Department, Press Releases and Related Records, 1942-1945

Did your ancestor’s war story make the papers? This record collection in Ancestry Library Edition (Ancestry LE) consists of press releases created by the U.S. Army’s Ground Special Information Section and sent to newspapers for publication in the United States. Many press releases tell stories of meritorious service by individual soldiers, while a lesser number recount the exploits of specific units.

Details provided by press releases vary, but can include name, birthplace, age, rank and unit, occupation prior to enlistment, residence at time of enlistment, family member names and places of residence, medal and citation details, and miscellaneous other information.

Not all stories recount heroic or valorous actions. One such story is that of Lou Corrigan, a member of the Army Quartermaster Corps who was given the job of securing “dainty underthings” for 48 Army nurses and WACs from startled/bemused French shopkeepers.

You can search for individuals, or browse by Press Release Number. Search results provide the following information:

    Name: Lou Corrigan
    Rank: Pvt
    Record Type: Press Release
    Residence Place: Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
    Event Date: 20 May 1944
    Father Name: Louis Corrigan Sr
    Mother Name: Mrs Corrigan

You can then choose to view the selected press release.

Note, please, that you can do a general search by place of residence. I tried these searches:

    Lived In: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA (Exact) 57 results
    Lived In: Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA (Exact) 41 results
    Lived In: Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois, USA (Exact) 13 results

This search capability should prove useful for persons writing accounts of service of city/county/state residents during WWII.

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