U.S., Returns of Killed and Wounded in Battles, 1790-1844

This record collection is a compilation of returns of American soldiers killed and wounded in engagements that took place between 1790 and 1844, or who died of disease or accident while stationed at a military post or while in transit during that same period.

Returns generally take one of two forms: returns of a particular military engagement, or returns of casualties experienced by a particular regiment. Battle returns are arranged chronologically. Content of battle returns can vary, but generally provides:

·         Battleground location
·         Date of engagement
·         Commander
·         Military units involved
·         Number of officers & non-coms killed
·         Number of officers & non-coms wounded
·         Aggregate numbers of killed & wounded
·         Names of officers killed & wounded
·         Cause of death of named personnel
·         Remarks (generally includes number of enemy dead and list of any sources used to compile return)

Returns of regimental casualties are arranged by regiment, with officers and enlisted men listed separately, and then alphabetically by surname (more or less) within each category. These returns generally provide:

·         Name
·         Rank
·         Company
·         Place of death
·         Date of death
·         Remarks (cause of death)

Returns of regimental casualties can be used to supplement battle returns, since the regimental casualty returns also list non-commissioned officers and enlisted men by name.

The time period covered by this record collection includes the War of 1812; Indian wars like the Creek War, the Blackhawk War, first and second Seminole Wars; and miscellaneous other military engagements. It is an extremely valuable source of information about minor engagements especially, which are often mentioned in passing if at all in book histories of our country’s wars.

Search delimiters available include:

·         First & middle names
·         Last name
·         Date of Death
·         Death location
·         Location of any event
·         Keyword

Using the name of a fort or other military post (such as Jefferson Barracks) in a Death Location search results in more relevant hits than does using name of a city or state. Try using fort or military post in a Location of Any Event search if a similar Death Location search does not return expected results.

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