U.S., Korean War Casualties, 1950-1957

This record collection in Ancestry Library Edition (Ancestry LE) is an amalgamation of two databases--one created by the Department of Defense (DoD) and one created by the Adjutant General's Office (AGO). The DoD database is a compilation of information related to U.S. military personnel who died in combat during the Korean War. The AGO database contains information on U.S. Army personnel who were casualties in the Korean War (both fatalities and non-fatalities). Information contained in individual records varies but may include:

Military Service Branch
Place of Casualty
Casualty Group
File Reference Number
Processing date
Service Number
Military Grade or Rank
Pay Grade
Date of Casualty or Declared Dead
Service Component
Home City or County
Home State
Birth Date (for deceased casualties only)
Cause of Casualty
Type of Casualty
Detail of Casualty
Aircraft Involvement (Air/Non-Air Casualty)
Place of Disposition
Date of Disposition
Military Occupational Specialty
Troop Program Sequence Number
Unit Number
Citizenship (U.S. Citizen or Alien)
Last Record (all are "yes" for deceased individuals)
Disposition of Evacuations
Source (whether the record is from DoD or AGO database)

Korean War machine-gun team (Washington.gov photo)
Korean War machine-gun team (Washington.gov photo)

You can search for specific individuals. You can also do searches like the following:

KEYWORD: accident (Exact) 2,592 hits
KEYWORD: hospitalized (Exact) 15,036 hits
CASUALTY TYPE: killed in action (Exact) 23,966 hits

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