U.S., Army Personnel and Dependent Casualties, 1961-1981

This record collection in Ancestry Library Edition (Ancestry LE) contains information relating to U.S. Army personnel (including active duty personnel, retired or separated personnel, reservists, and civilian employees) and their dependents who were casualties (hostile or non-hostile causes) between 1961 and 1981.

Department of Defense sample Dependent Card (Defense.gov photo)
Department of Defense sample Dependent Card (Defense.gov photo)

Although this database includes casualties worldwide, a majority stem from the Vietnam Conflict. Information on individuals in this database may include:

Name of Individual
Country of Casualty
Casualty Category (e.g., Battle Wounded, Non-Battle Dead, etc.)
Casualty Number (number assigned by the Adjutant General Center, Casualty Division to keep track of Southeast Asia casualties)
Category (or status) of Personnel
Military Grade
Military Classification (or relationship to military personnel if a dependent; this field will be blank if the individual or relative was not on active duty)
Current Casualty Status
Previous Casualty Status
Main Cause of Casualty
Related Cause of Casualty
Vehicle Type Involved in Casualty
Vehicle Position
Vehicle Ownership (Government, commercial, private, etc.)
Date of Casualty
Date Casualty Report was Processed
Province (of Southeast Asia country where casualty occurred)
Grid Coordinates (of location in Republic of Vietnam of dead or missing casualties)
Republic of Vietnam Report Control Number (for Southeast Asia casualties only)
Military Component (National Guard, Regular, Reserve, Temporary, or Unknown)
Military Duty or Occupation (for active duty personnel only)
Officer Branch
Source of Commission (Officers Candidate School, Reserve Officers Training Corps, U.S. Military Academy, Other, or Unknown)
Sex (not given for wounded)
Marital Status (not given for wounded)
Posthumous Promotion (does not apply to wounded and dependent casualties)
Race (American Indian, Caucasian, Malayan, Mongolian, Negro, or Unknown)
Home City of Individual (not given for wounded)
Home State of Individual (not given for wounded)
Date of Birth
Major Organization (by command or installation)
Tour Start Date, Retirement Date, or Separation Date (not given for wounded, or casualties in Southeast Asia)
Previous Casualty Country (should be the same as Country of Casualty if the casualty was previously reported)
Previous Casualty Category (should be the same as Casualty Category if the casualty was previously reported)
Card ID/Battle Determination (indicates if casualty is a confirmed or questionable battle casualty)

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Lived In: Missouri, USA (Exact to this place)

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