U.S., Album of Criminals, 1906

This record collection in Ancestry.com was created by the International Association of Chiefs of Police in 1906. It includes information concerning more than 200 men and women who were involved in various brushes with the law. Most covered offenses appear to be crimes against property (i.e., burglars, pickpockets, safecrackers, forgers, and confidence men).

Information for each scofflaw includes:

Name and aliases
Mugshots (front and side head shots, black and white)
Criminal specialty
Physical description
Marks and scars
Bertillon measurements
Criminal history (associates, arrests, convictions, time served, current status)

Physical descriptions include height, weight, eye color, hair color, complexion, and build. The Bertillon System of Criminal Identification utilized precise measurements of numerous physical features of a criminal as a means of identification. Fingerprinting replaced the Bertillon System as a means of criminal identification shortly after this album was created—fingerprinting was both easier to accomplish and more accurate.

The collection can be searched by name, age, event date, event location, criminal specialty, and keyword. You can search for an alias such as “Kid” in two ways:

As if it were his first name
As a keyword

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