Classic TV Reruns on Hoopla Digital: Classic Cartoons

Use your library card to check out full episodes of these classic TV shows from Hoopla Digital. Television episodes checkout for 72 hours (3 days) at a time, and a total 10 titles can be checked out each month. Start your trip down memory lane today with the cartoons from these classic shows, and be sure to check out all of the other fun and exciting materials offered from Hoopla Digital.

Betty Boop is back and booping it her way now more then ever before with this ultimate collection of some of her most beloved classics. With her ample moves and trademark sultry way, it's no wonder why people of all ages love this cartoon vixen.

Casper the Friendly Ghost, sad that he can make no friends since everyone he meets is afraid of him, hatches an abandoned egg and becomes the emerging little duck's best friend and protector.

In 1962, Clokey Productions began production on a new Gumby adventure series. Gumby and Pokey went off to explore more historical events and to have every other conceivable adventure in and out of books through time and toy land. In the mid to late 60's, new characters joined Gumby and Pokey. Professor Kapp, a friendly absent-minded professor, becomes Gumby's scientific go-to guy. Prickle and Goo were created to represent what famed east-west philosopher Alan Watts called the two types of people, the prickly and the gooey. More analytical, Prickle likes to solve mysteries. The softer, mellower Goo is a kind of sky mermaid who can fly and shoot goo balls. The Blockheads, who first showed up in the 50's, become more prominent in the late 60's. They represent "square thinking" and often cause trouble for Gumby and his pals. Art Clokey made these Gumby adventures as a gift of love for all the world's children.

He's debonair, colorful, comical and delightful. He's an Academy Award winner (and his unforgettable theme song is by another Oscar winner - Henry Mancini).

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