Tone Up With Kettlebells

The kettlebell is a cast iron weight shaped like a cannonball with a handle. It was first used in the 1800's to weigh wares in European marketplaces. Vendors would have contests with each other swinging and tossing the weights. Strongmen incorporated the kettlebell into their training with technical lifts and required skills.

It was initially used to train Russian Military Forces, and today the US military, law enforcement officers and fitness enthusiasts use it.

You get a whole body work out when using a kettlebell. You will sculpt and tone all muscles - from the ones deep down to the ones on the surface - as you engage your core muscles. A kettlebell workout builds strength and flexibility and provides intensive cardio.

Kettlebells burn fat fast without bulking you up. You will see the results when you have to tighten your belt to the next notch with these titles from our digital collection.

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Whether you're looking to get in better shape, spice up your exercise regimen or challenge yourself with the ultimate high-intensity workout, kettlebells are the perfect tool to take you to the next level. With over 300 step-by-step photos, Kettlebells for Women presents a solid 12-week program packed with exercises that produce unmatched results. Kettlebells for Women teaches the proper way to do primary lifts as well as variations so you can use kettlebells safely and effectively to transform your current workout into a fun, dynamic program for sculpting and strengthening your entire body.


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With Enter the Kettlebell! Pavel delivers a significant upgrade to his original landmark work, The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. Drawing on five years of developing and leading the world's first and premiere kettlebell instructor certification program, and after spending five years of additional research into what really works for dramatic results with the kettlebell-we have Enter the Kettlebell! Pavel lays out a foolproof master system that guarantees you success-if you simply follow the commands! Develop all-purpose strength-to easily handle the toughest and most unexpected demand. Maximize staying power-because the last round decides all. Forge a fighter's physique-because the form must follow the function. Enter the kettlebell! and follow the plan: 1. The New RKC Program Minimum, with just two kettlebell exercises, takes you from raw newbie to solid contender-well-conditioned, flexible, resilient and muscular in all the right places. 2. The RKC Rite of Passage Jumps you to the next level of physical excellence with Pavel's proven RKC formula for exceptional strength and conditioning. 3. Become a Man Among Men, propels you to a Special Forces level of conditioning.

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Safe and Customized Programs for Building and Toning Every Muscle

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Join the kettlebell revolution and swing your way into a fitter, trimmer body-one you'll keep forever. Self-made fitness guru Tracy Reifkind has a self-made physique, working off 120 pounds after harnessing the extraordinary power of kettlebells (as featured in Timothy Ferriss's The 4-Hour Body). Now, Tracy delivers a power-packed exercise, diet, and lifestyle program for rapid but sustainable weight loss: The Swing! Reifkind's program promises dramatic results in just two half-hour sessions each week-that's just four hours a month! There are no gimmicks here: Reifkind offers strong coaching on developing a winning mindset and a protein-focused, transformational eating plan, and reveals the evidence of her own low-cost, no-gym-membership success story. The Swing! packs the power to teach, to inspire, and to help you break through to your real, ideal body.

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