The Name Game

You have likely met persons with first names that you would consider exotic or unusual. Well, I can do you one better. While researching a patron question earlier this week, I ran across this name:

Murder Johnson

That’s right—first name Murder, last name Johnson. So, who names their child Murder, you may well ask? As it turns out, more people than you might imagine:

First & Middle Names: Murder (Exact) 1,140 hits

Yes, that general search in Ancestry Library Edition (Ancestry LE) produced that many results! I admit that some of these folks really do have striking names:

    Murder Wadkin
    Murder Bester
    Murder McKenzie
    Murder Payne

And a personal favorite:

Murder Kid

What a name for a flyweight boxer—“In this corner, weighing 98 pounds after eating an entire cheesecake, Murder Kid!”

I couldn’t stop here, of course—I also had to try this search:

First & Middle Names: Killer (Exact) 5,443 hits

Yes, that’s right—more than 5,000 kids whose parents thought that Killer was a jim-dandy first name! And once again, I must admit that some of these folks do have striking names indeed:

    Killer Coomer
    Killer Minsey
    Killer Fights
    Killer Kibler

And the given name Killer is in fact a tradition in this family:

    Killer Page Dormer
    Killer Page Dormer Jr.

If you’ve got some time on your hands you can easily keep this “name game” going:

First & Middle Names: Slayer (Exact) 241 hits

You get the idea…

You can use Ancestry LE at Central Library or any of our branches.

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