Technique of Smoking

It's summertime and smoking your meat makes a delicious outdoor dinner! Experiencing the flavor of meat cooked over a fire with smoke gives a hardy taste.  Smoking is a "low-and-slow" method of cooking, versus the grilling method of a barbeque that is "hot and fast."

The essence of smoking your meat is cooking with a low and slow heat and smoke. It usually takes 4 to 12 hours to cook meat, less time for fish. The most popular woods used for adding a smoke flavor are:

Heavier Smoke Flavour: Mesquite

Medium Smoke Flavour:  Cherry hickory, grapevines, maple, pecan, sassafras, wine, or whiskey barrel wood.

Mild Smoke Flavour:  Alder, apple, peach

Before you start to cook your meat, make sure your cooker is clean from previous foods.  Food safely is very important! As well, to ensure your flavours are not mixed with previous foods cooked, make sure that old food residue is removed.  Just be sure your cooking temperatures remain constant so that your foods are cooked. Enjoy a delicious dinner!

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