Staff Pick: Stranger than Fanfiction

What would you do if you invited the star of your favorite show along for a road trip and they actually showed up? 

A group of recent high school graduates are ready to start their cross-country road trip celebrating their favorite television series.  One of the teens emails the star of the show the night before leaving and rather casually mentions the trip and invites the guy along.  None of the teens actually believes he will take them up on the offer and they are shocked when he shows up ready to go.  Along the way, the guy’s behavior is increasingly wild and he keeps talking them into crazy situations—breaking into abandoned amusement parks, trying marijuana, wild parties and much more.  As they make their way to California, the secrets that each person has been hiding begin to come to light and it turns out the star of the show has one of the biggest of all. 

This book has some genuinely hilarious moments, such as the reactions to each person smoking weed the first time, but the issues each person is dealing with are serious.  (The fact that every member of the group just happens to be dealing with extremely difficult, life-altering situations seems a bit unrealistic for a group that only got together because they like the same TV show.)  Although the conclusion seems somewhat contrived the message that comes through is that people shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves and live their lives to the fullest.

By Andrea N. 

Stranger Than Fanfiction

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