Staff Pick: Jumped

What’s one thing that happens at school that gets everyone’s attention? A fight. Unfortunately, one party is unaware there’s even going to be one. Much less being involved in it. Award-winning author Rita Williams-Garcia shows us a life-changing school day for three very different girls in her novel Jumped. The novel stars aggressive and angry basketball player Dominique, artistic and confident Trina, and gossip-loving Leticia. One morning Trina cuts in between Dominique (who is in a particularly bad mood) and her friends in the hallway. Unbeknownst to Trina, Dominique feels that the only way to correct the situation is to beat her up. All the while, Leticia sees the event happen from afar.

This short, fast-paced novel was not necessarily one of my favorite reads, but I can’t deny how engrossed I was. As I said, the three characters are very different, and the story shifts between each character’s perspective. I found each character hard to like, since they showed few redeeming qualities. That’s also a good thing, because it shows that they’re human and everyone has their negative qualities. Trina, despite what she says, is very conceited. Just the same, Dominique denies she has anger issues. Leticia is a spoiled brat. One thing they all have in common is that they are all very selfish and don’t admit their faults. A lot of the focus and struggle falls on Leticia, as she is a neutral party who could help Trina. What would you do?

By Brandon B.


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