Staff Pick: Con Academy

Will Shea has been accepted into one of the most prestigious schools in the entire country. Only the richest and brightest are accepted to Connaughton Academy. Will was graciously accepted on scholarship and is from a small remote area part of the Marshall Islands. At least that’s what he wants them to believe. Will, really named Billy Humbert, comes from a family of con artists and he is no different. But things get complicated when he meets a fellow young con artist and they make a bet to see who will stay and who will go. May the best con win!


I had a great time reading Con Academy! It does a good job of showing the mindset of Will’s actions while he makes calculated decisions and tough choices. It also shows that while he is thinking and doing things on a level above most teenagers, he still must deal with normal teenage problems, like homework. I think that one of the lessons Con Academy teaches is that despite the bad things we do, you always have the chance to redeem yourself. You may be in deep like Will, but there are ways to get yourself out. Sometimes it requires you to go against everything you know and do what you feel is right.

By. Brandon B.

Con Academy

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