Staff Pick: And The Trees Crept In

Are you ready to be confused, terrified, and bewildered? Strap yourself in because And The Trees Crept In is a chilling walk into the trees…

Silla and her mute younger sister Nori are relieved to be running away from a terrible home life, but their trouble only worsens once they arrive at their estranged (and strange) aunt Cath’s house. Aunt Cath is kind and happy to see her nieces, but is bewildered at how they made it safely through the trees when “the Creeper Man” there should have stopped them. She lives in the family manor, which has been recently painted the color of blood, and she insists that the trees are slowly moving closer to the house, but how is that possible? Then a handsome young man comes from out of the woods with an offering of hope and warning for Silla, but his presence only makes things more confusing. Soon after, Aunt Cath’s mental instability is more apparent than ever; she disappears into the attic and never returns. Silla begins to hear voices when there is no one there, and Nori begins to see someone who is not there… but are they actually imagining them? How will they survive this house and its horrors without their aunt’s protection from the mysterious creature in the woods?

If you are a fan of horror and thriller novels, you will probably be able to guess the ending of this book. I can promise you, YOU WILL BE WRONG. The twists and turns are completely unpredictable, and the author’s writing style brings you to the brink of madness right along with the characters.  Prepare to be up all night finishing this one. You won’t want to put it down.

By Elisha S.

And the Trees Crept in

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