Waking up to an aroma of freshly cooked sausages reminds me of camping out when I was little. A cast iron frying pan, a welcome necessity of outdoor camping in our family, is the best way I know to cook your sausages.

Let's start with how to make your own sausages. A delicious sausage begins with good meat. It can be made with an inexpensive hand-cranked meat grinder. Simply use chopped up meat, such as pork or venison, and a mixture of spices.

The simpliest sausage recipe includes lean ground pork and pork fat. Add spices such as sage, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and rosemary. Mix your stuffing together well and shape into round patties. Fry on a hot cast iron skillet until each side is well cooked. This can be at least five minutes on each side. You do not want any red meat when finished cooking.

Although most will think of pork sausages, the meats used vary widely. In northern Finland you can find reindeer meat to use. However, remember that wild game is often not as fatty, so it would be best to add some other animal fat. For those interested, chicken, turkey, and other wild birds can be used. I enjoy a lamb sausage with fresh herb seasonings of mint.

If you enjoy spicy meats, then consider adding szechuan peppers to your meat mixture before cooking. It's always best to use your hands to mix your sausage ingredients throroughly. Just make sure they are clean!

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Home Sausage Making

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