Salt has been around for hundreds of years.  It was once used as a form of currency.  Countries once were taxed on their salt. Did you know that in China salt tax revenues were used to build the Great Wall? Greeks and the Mayans worshipped their gods with salt offerings.

There are at least ten different types of salt. They are:

  • Celery Salt - A fine salt that is combined with ground celery seed.  Best known for its use in a Bloody Mary. Nice addition to dips made of sour cream or cream cheese.
  • Flavoured Salt - These salts are made by pounding together with salt, using a mortar and pestle various herbs and fruits.  For example, saffron, lavender, sage, rosemary. To make the herbs more flavourful, lay them on a baking sheet and place in a low temperature oven for 30 minutes. Pound together with salt.
  • Fleur de sel - Harvested in France from the Guerande and Camargue regions, from a single day's evaporation of salt crust on top of a salt pond.  It has a mild flavor.
  • Green Tea Salt - Made by mixing Matcha a Japanese green tea powder with sea salt and grinding it together. This makes a mild salt that is great for salads.  It is high in amino acids.
  • Gray Salt (Sel Gris) - Gray salt is also known as Celtic sea salt.  It is gray from the clay in the salt beds.
  • Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt - This salt is harvested sea salt that is mixed with crushed black lava and black charcoal.  This salt will lose its colour if immersed in a liquid.  Just sprinkle this salt in the last minute to keep its colour.
  • Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt - This salt is from the island of Kauai. "Alaea" is the name that is given to the natural mineral found in the runoff from the volcano, which occurs in the rainy season.  This red clay colours the salt pans a deep burnt red colour. It is mostly used for garnishing dishes.
  • Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - This fine salt is hand-mined in Nepal from dried-up inland seas from 200 million years ago.  This pink colour comes from the iron that is trapped within the ground.  Often used as a block, or grated over food.
  • Jurassic Salt- This salt is from the Jurassic time period, the era 150 million years ago. It was left in Utah when it was then under water.  It is a mineral-intense salt with a pinkish hue.  It has a delicate flavor and is great for baking.
  • Murray River Salt Flakes - These are delicate pink salt flakes that come from the Murray region in Australia. They are harvested from pure underground saline waters rich in minerals.  Great for cooking and used as a garnish.
  • Rock  (Coarse Sea) Salt - This is the salt you add to salt grinders. It is not suited for adding directly to food. Instead, these firm salt granules are best added to salt grinders.
  • Sea Salt Flakes - Are large soft salt crystals made by boiling and evaporating salt water.  Its is mild in flavor and rich in minerals.  Used with vegetables, salads, or in rubs for chicken, meat, and seafood.
  • Smoked Salts - These are man-made by smoking the salts with flavoured wood chips.  Can be found as mesquite or hickory flavours.

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