Repeat Offenders

You know these songs by heart. Bands with a huge catalog and tons of songs. Yet, you reach for the dial just as fast as the opening notes sound out, because you can’t stand the pain again. You held out through the commercials because you thought it was going to be something decent, but nope, it’s yet another song they’ve ran into the ground. They are… THE REPEAT OFFENDERS.

Pink Floyd, opens a new windowMoney, opens a new window”- Every time I hear the sounds of the coins, I cringe. Most of the songs off “The Dark Side of the Moon” have been overplayed, though there are many other great Floyd songs. How about “San Tropez” off the “Meddle, opens a new window” album.

Rush, opens a new windowTom Sawyer, opens a new window” - C’mon radio, there’s music on “Moving Pictures, opens a new window”. “Red Barchetta” would be a welcome change.

Aerosmith, opens a new windowDream On, opens a new window” - It could be any Aerosmith single that has been worn out, but why not “Lord Of The Thighs, opens a new window” or “Seasons Of Wither, opens a new window” off the "Get Your Wings, opens a new windowalbum.

Deep Purple, opens a new windowSmoke on the Water, opens a new window” - This song has bought quite a few houses and cars but might be the worst song on “Machine Head, opens a new window”. Give me “Maybe I’m A Leo” any day.

Joe Walsh, opens a new windowRocky Mountain Way, opens a new window - They play this or “Life’s Been Good, opens a new window” but why not “The Tuning Song”?

Led Zeppelin, opens a new windowBlack Dog, opens a new window” - So many Zeppelin songs, so few played. Radio completely ignores “Nobody’s Fault but Mine, opens a new window” or “Hots on for Nowhere, opens a new window” off the underrated “Presence, opens a new window” album.

Grateful Dead, opens a new windowTruckin, opens a new window” - This ain’t the only tune off of "American Beauty, opens a new window”. How about “Attics of My Life, opens a new window” or “Box of Rain, opens a new window” or “Brokedown Palace, opens a new window” or…

Bruce Springsteen, opens a new windowGlory Days, opens a new window” - This song has a horrible shouting vocal that rings in my ears for hours afterwards, yet it’s incessantly played. There’s plenty of deep cuts off other Bruce albums that deserve a spin or two, but I’ll accept “On Fire, opens a new window” from “Born in the USA, opens a new window” at this point just to stop the ringing.

The Who, opens a new windowBehind Blue Eyes, opens a new window” - This one from “Who’s Next, opens a new window” seemed to die out for a while but has had a revival due to a nu-metal band covering it, but let’s dig just a bit deeper past “Baba O’Riley and “Won’t Get Fooled Again, opens a new window” and maybe try a little “Getting In Tune, opens a new window”.

Queen, opens a new windowWe Will Rock You/We Are the Champions, opens a new window” – Didn’t Nine Inch Nails make “Get Down, Make Love” cool?

Of course, there’s plenty of other bad songs radio won’t stop playing - I’m looking right at you Styx! And you can find these and many more at your local library. Don’t forget to hit the skip button.

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