Plugra – European Butter

It is always a treat to have plugra served with freshly baked warm bread.  For those who have not the lightest idea of what I am talking about, plugra is another name for European butter. It has a higher butterfat content that what we consider North American butter, which according to the USDA is a churned dairy product that has at least 80 percent butterfat.

When we go shopping for butter, usually the only choices we can get in North American grocery stores, is whether or not it is salted or unsalted. Then we have the choice of which brand we would like to buy.  However, actually there are more choices in more high end grocery stores. You might find in specialty grocery stores Irish butter, or plugra.

I find it exciting to try new foods, as if you are like me, please go and try buying plugra butter. What exactly is plugra butter? Well, it refers to the higher butterfat content. It is a European butter that is a cultured butter that has been churned longer to achieve at least 82 percent butterfat. This style of making butter is found throughout Europe. It has a much richer taste.

When a butter has a higher butterfat content, the texture will be softer.  As well, it will melt faster and have a saturated yellow hue.  European butters, because they have a richer flavour, are the butter of choice for bakers.

Do try to be adventurous and enjoy the rich flavour of plugra or European butter. You will not be disappointed! Instead, it will be a great addition to your future dinners.

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