Overwatch is definitely one of the most amusing and diverse games out to date. With 25 characters (and rising) all unique in many ways and under the four classes of assault, defense, tank, and support. You’re bound to find a few you love and others you will HA-…strongly dislike. Seriously just play it if you get the chance but it does require a stable internet connection. There’s no offline or campaign modes and couch op is off the table or couch so to speak. Despite what it doesn’t have now there’s a chance it will gain it down the road. “OW”(Overwatch) is not only GOTY (Game of the Year) but possibly years due to how much work Blizzard (the games company) puts into the updates and info they gain from the PTR’s (Public Test Realm) to make the game more comfortable for all players. They are also giving you the consumer new characters, maps, and modes for free every year including new costumes and more to match the current events or holidays going on at the time. That is honestly just “amei-zing” (OW joke) considering how many games want you to buy the game, the DLC, have micro-transactions, then want you to buy a sequel game for more content. The way blizzard is going about “OW” should set a new standard for other gaming companies. Try to care a little more about the gamers and a little less about the profit.

By Martice D


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