Opposites attract

Image description: Cartoon figure with arrows in left hand and olive leaves in right with caption "Contemplate Everything's Opposite" from "How to be Perfect - An Illustrated Guide" (words by Ron Padgett, pictures by Jason Novak), available at SLPL.

For those seeking to explore both (or multiple) sides of any issue, the Social Sciences Room at Central Library is a great place to start. War and peace, poverty and wealth, idleness and work, love and hate, depression and happiness, anxiety and tranquility, life and death, digital (we have the computer books!) and analog (we also have books, and books about books) - these are just a few of the many "opposites" that can be found in - & checked out from - our collection.

Image description: picture of books Hillbilly Elegy (by J.D. Vance) and Aristocracy - a Very Short Introduction by William Doyle, both found in the 305.52 call number range

We invite you to visit the public library to pick up some opposing ideas to expand your mental horizons and while away the winter nights. Browse the shelves and our displays until you find something interesting (hopefully it won't take long), and don't be shy about asking for suggestions or sending us to fetch an older title from the stacks - we love going to the stacks!) 

As anyone who has visited our room and strolled through our shelves knows, we have a wide range of "Very Short Introduction" books that (as the title suggests) make a great initial introduction into a topic, a thinker, or an issue, and these might be particularly helpful in beginning to explore the other side of something you are very well acquainted with. Devoutly religious? Perhaps you'd like to check out Atheism - A Very Short Introduction. A fan of wholesome American values like capitalism and democracy? You might find the titles on Communism and Fascism – themselves somewhat oppositional concepts – elucidating (if not, perhaps, convincing). 

The breadth, depth, and complexity of the human experience, as reflected in our collection, await you - what are you waiting for?

Image description: 2 book displays - one with books on war and veterans, the other with titles including the word "peace" joined by an ampersand: War & Peace
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