One potato, two potato

red potatoes in dirt
So unassuming, yet so full of potential

I was browsing the culinary section this week and noticed several titles that focused on potatoes. While I certainly enjoy potatoes, and actually consider them to be one of Nature's most versatile vegetables (and could eat them a few times a week, I'm sure), I didn't realize that they were the subject of more than one book. One book, in particular, caught my eye and inside, not only were the recipes mouthwatering, but the photography was amazing. "Roasted New Potatoes with Herbs," is beautiful and "Potato Gnocchi with Pesto," is definitely in the "food porn" category.


But I digress.  Did you know that the average potato (8 ounces) if baked or boiled is only about 100 calories? Maybe you already knew that. Well, how about this fact: "Potato blossoms used to be a big hit in royal fashion. Potatoes first became fashionable when Marie Antoinette paraded through the French countryside wearing potato blossoms in her hair." (per the Idaho Potato Museum.).  Did you know that in French that the term for potato, pomme de terre, is "apple of the earth?"

While you might not want to find potato blossoms for your next fashion outing, I'll bet that just thinking about potatoes has made you want to eat some. Come on . . . would you say no right now to a big baked potato with butter? Perhaps a basket of crispy tater tots? If all of this reading about potatoes has made you hungry, we've got suggestions:

Potato                                                    Potatoes

Potato                                                    The Potato

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