Offbeat Romance

With Valentine's Day coming up you can watch another Nicholas Sparks adaptation, or may be this year you're up for something a little different. We have a few recommendations below you might like if you're willing to branch out and add a healthy dose of eccentric to your love life.

Preston Sturges, opens a new window was one of Hollywood's greatest screenwriters and produced some of the most verbally witty romantic comedies during Hollywood's classic period. Although this might not be his greatest film, it is still a classic and contains one of Barbara Stanwyck's , opens a new windowfinest performances. In the film, Stanwyck plays a con artist named Jean Harrington, who is on board a cruise with her father when they notice Charles Pike, played by Henry Fonda, opens a new window. Turns out Pike is the heir to the Pike Ale family fortune and Jean decides to make him her next mark. However, her plans go awry and she up ends up falling in love with the timid snake enthusiast as craziness ensues.

Punch-Drunk Love, opens a new window

Before Adam Sandler, opens a new window became increasingly grating and predictable, he took on this adventurous role and delivered what might be his best performance. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Punch Drunk Love is a love story about a man named Barry Egan, who designs toilet plungers, and often reacts violently towards any object within his reach during an outburst. Throughout his life Barry has been emotionally abused by sisters, and doesn't really function well with other human beings. However, it isn't until he is setup on a date with Lena Leonard that he realizes he might have a chance at love. From there the film ups the zany with a plot element involving a blackmailing phone sex operation, and a plan to buy enough pudding cups to win a free plane trip to anywhere in the world. Needless to say he gets the girl in the end.

Lee Holloway, played by Maggie Gyllenhal, opens a new window, has just returned from being hospitalized in a mental institution and is attempting to return to a normal life. Despite being socially awkward and overqualified for a job as a secretary, Mr. Grey played by James Spader, opens a new window, decides to hire her anyway. As it turns out Mr. Grey is aroused by compliance and soon Lee and Mr. Grey are involved in a BDSM affair. Lee also starts dating a young man named Peter, but finds herself more emotionally drawn to Mr. Grey. Forget 50 Shades of Grey, this film tackles a similar subject matter with an equal amount of humor and pathos and doesn't come off as corny.

Something Wild , opens a new window

This cult romance was directed by the famous Jonathan Demme, opens a new window, and stars Jeff Daniels, opens a new window as a banker named Charlie whose wife has just left him. Daniel's character is offered a ride by a woman named Lulu, played by Melanie Griffith, and soon enough she is driving him away from New York City on a road trip. Along the way they steal from a liquor store and abandon the car on the way to meet Lulu's mother. Soon enough Charlie finds himself in over his head, as Lulu has him posing as her husband, as her violent ex-convict real husband is trying to track them down.

So this Valentine's try something different with a little help from you public library.

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