Naughty or Nice?

Among the (many) great books in the Social Science room is a series on the Seven Deadly Sins from Oxford University Press and The New York Public Library – seven brightly colored, tempting (as befits a sin) books, each by a different author with expertise on the various sins: pride, envy, anger, sloth, greedgluttony, & lust. We used those as inspiration for a display of books from throughout Central, focusing on these most sinful of sins with a counter-display looking into their more virtuous counterparts. 

St. Louis Public Library offers many resources to help our patrons learn about the best and the worst of human nature. On the virtuous side, we have books to inspire and assist in your quest to seek wisdom, practice justice, be courageous, avoid overindulging, find faith, to love (& be loved), and not to lose hope. 

We also have resources to help you to know right from wrong, to resist temptation, or to indulge, if that is your choice (the Library is a judgment-free zone - see Cupcakes & The Bacon Cookbook, the companion books we chose to go with “gluttony”).

If for no other reason, you may want to visit to browse the books on sloths (the animals, not the vice) that we borrowed from the children's section. They are likely to lighten your mood and make you smile - & maybe cause you to reflect that not all of the sins are THAT deadly....

Here is a handy lists of the sins and virtues from Karl Olsson’s Seven Sins and Seven Virtues (1962) which we pulled from our stacks for the display, and here are links to lists of the books collected for the Seven Deadly Sins display and the books relating to Virtues from the flip side of the display cart.

Sins & Virtues

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