Memorable Toasts

Toasts can make or break an evening. Given the right words, you can ease yourself into an entertaining speech. By selecting a topic that all can relate to, you will find the crowd open to your message. These titles from our digital collections can help you give a wonderful toast when you are asked to raise a glass.

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America's best-selling wedding author, Diane Warner, has consolidated four of her most popular wedding books into one dynamic collection. This all-inclusive omnibus—featuring tender new vows, ever-more-creative toasts, and unique ways to personalize your wedding, whatever its size—is the only book any bride and groom will ever need. In addition to the more traditional celebrations, this collection also contains up-to-date information on the latest trends, from entirely new chapters on "special blessings," such as handfasting and unity candles, to creative but affordable destination weddings.

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A well-chosen toast can make simple moments special and special moments memorable. Whether it's celebrating a wedding, a job promotion, a birthday, or a new direction in life, toasting is a tradition that remains a part of honoring important occasions. For nearly 20 years, June Cotner has been the go-to for blessings, housewarmings, new babies, graces, and all of life's rites of passage. Here, she joins forces with award-winning poet and author Nancy Tupper Ling to provide the right words for every occasion! Toasts is the perfect resource for any moment where one needs to raise a glass. Organized by category and containing many original toasts written just for this book, this timely tome contains sayings famous and profound, suitable and sentimental. Covering births, weddings, graduations, and other events both major and minor, Toasts also provides inspirations for adding meaning to life's special moments.

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This book is for couples who want to write their own wedding vows, to express their love for each other openly, honestly, and beautifully. It is also for members of the wedding party and guests who wish to offer toasts and tributes at the many possible events surrounding your wedding day. This book leads you through a 'kitchen-tested' process for writing vows and toasts and a step-by-step rehearsal process that also helps everyone deal with wedding day jitters and any fear of public speaking. We wrote this book because we want every couple to have a brilliant start to their marriage, so that they can be as happy as we have been for 36 years - and counting! Think about this: without the exchange of vows, a wedding is just a big party.

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Congratulations! Your: (circle one) brother/sister/cousin/daughter/best friend is getting married, and you've been asked to be a member of the wedding party. It's a huge honor, and you couldn't be more excited for the couple. Then it dawns on you as you have a silent meltdown: you have to give a toast at the wedding. It's a crucial job. Whether you realize it yet or not, for two to five minutes (please no longer guys, but we'll talk about that later), you will be the sole entertainment at the most important event for one of the most important people in your life. It's pretty cool, actually. You control the mood at a huge party.

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