May I Offer You a Cup of Coffee?

If you are a tea drinker like I was brought up to be, you might never even think that you want a cup of coffee. However, later in life I discovered the luring fresh aroma of coffee at work, when a group of coworkers would get together and buy their daily morning cup of coffee. And it made me become a true coffee aficionado.

I discovered that the aroma of a steaming cup of a cafe latte was delicious. However, the caffeine within my cup of coffee is probably what got me hooked. There are coffees that offer per 12 ounces 195 mg of caffeine. Caffeine in moderation is okay for most people, but overdoing it can be dangerous. The Food and Drug Administration says that 600 mg of coffee per day is too much. However, it varies from individual to individual what is too much coffee. Start with a small cup of coffee, then see how your body reacts.

Caffeine is naturally present in seeds, leaves, and fruit of the coffee plant. So, if you enjoy a weakened caffeine product, opt for a cafe latte or cafe au lait, a coffee that is diluted with milk.

Finland is the world leader in drinking coffee, at 25 pounds (11.4 kilos) per person annually. The four other Nordic countries of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are the next highest coffee drinkers in the world. This dramatically high coffee consumption is due to the amount of darkness and cold weather. I recall drinking a thick, dark, strong coffee while visiting Finland. Since "everyone" drank coffee, I soon too became an avid coffee drinker.

If you travel to the southern part of the world in Latin America, you will soon learn that "cafe con leche" is a popular drink.This is usually a coffee made of one-third brewed dark roast, plus two-thirds hot milk. It's delicious! You might find that you enjoy the cinnamon flavoured coffee found in Mexico. Simply pour your milk into a saucepan, add a cinnamon stick or two, keep warm. Once your coffee is made, pour the milk into a cup, then add your espresso coffee.

For those who enjoy the caffeine and coffee flavour, try buying coffee flour. This new ingredient, called "Coffee Flour" is made by grinding the discarded skin and pulp that surrounds coffee beans. You can switch out regular white flour, about 25% of your recipe, for coffee flour. This will add 5 grams of fiber per tablespoon and it is a rich source of antioxidants and protein.You can even find in grocery stores potato chips made with caffeine, which can help the students in your family stay up late!

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