Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies is an action packed yet horrifying book. The story is set in the mid 1900s during a World War. A British plane carrying multiple middle school teens crashes into an uninhabited island, killing all of the adults on board. The teens are initially separated from each other, but two of them, Ralph and Piggy, come across a conch shell which they use to call the other survivors. At first, most of the teens seem excited at the idea of being alone on an island with no adults telling them what to do. Ralph and Jack, the leader of the boys' choir, are excited to lead their small population, and they decide that their primary goal should be to have fun and maintain a smoke signal so that passing ships will notice them eventually. However, as time goes on and no ships stop at the island, the boys begin to panic, and paranoia sets in. Jack begins to show violent tendencies, and when the threat of "the beast" appears, it further divides the boys. Ralph slowly sees everyone but Piggy turn against him, and in a series of events, this conflict will turn deadly. I would recommend that everyone read this book sometime in their lives because it is very meaningful, and although it is fictional, there is a lot of truth to it. Various empires and civilizations throughout history have started with the idea that cooperation was key to success, but at the end, distrust and dissatisfaction led to war and to the death of that civilization. I give this book five stars.

By Stefan


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