Summer Weddings

There is an over-abundance of wedding-themed literature. A simple catalog search for wedding fiction yields a treasure trove of campy, lusty, sappy romances. Romance books provide fascinating and probing insight on the topic of desire--not in a sexually explicit manner (though there is plenty of that), but in a deeper, more emotional sense. The reader can examine personal wants and desires as they delve into novel relationships by following the characters as they change and grow and explore the nuances of intimate connections. Romance novels have a pat formula: the introduction and courtship of two people, often at odds against each other. One of them is frequently nursing some past hurt and another suffering an impossible ego--both ordeals that must be reined in so that the couple can live happily ever after. 

The wedding is the herald to happily-ever-after and usually the climax of a good romance--but why stop there? While a basic romance plot seeks to determine if characters are worthy of each other, wouldn’t it be entertaining to cheer on the couple as they enter the next phase of their relationship? We believe an equally compelling character read would be to follow the unlikely pair or star-crossed lovers through the wedding planning process, where tremulous bonds are tested with every decision leading to the big day. The stereotypically beleaguered couple have come together against all odds, but can their love against all odds weather the impending wedding ceremony?

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