I’ll Give You the Sun

Twins Noah and Jude are inseparable until misunderstandings, jealousies, and a major loss rips them apart. Both are talented artists and creating art plays a major role in their narratives. Both also struggle with their sexuality. Noah is gay which both thrills and terrifies him, while Jude is recovering from a terrible first sexual experience from the age of 14. Because of it, she stops dating. The book unravels the twins’ stories in alternating long chapters that show their different perspectives. Noah’s sections are set when the twins are 13 years old and Jude’s at age 16, giving the readers slanted insights in to how their relationship broke apart and how it begins to come back together. The twins’ artistic passions and viewpoints suffuse their distinctive voices; Noah is wilder, dramatic overstatements, and Jude’s world is wrapped up in her late grandmother’s superstitions and truisms. Readers are meant to feel big things and they will. Nelson’s novel brims with emotion (grief, longing, and love in particular) as Noah, Jude, and the broken individuals in their lives find ways to heal.

By Nick M.

I'll Give You the Sun

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